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ever been *tempted* to cheat?


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Admin message to people posting in this thread;

Please ensure you do not admit to breaking RS rules/discuss details of when you have. This topic is simply about whether you have been tempted to, not if you have! Thanks. :)


To the mods: I hope this thread is not considered encouraging others to break rules. If it is, then I apologize in advance.




In the aftermath of the Penguin Hide and Seek glitch in January 2009, Paul Gower acknowledged that bug abuse can be very tempting:


Thanks for everyone that has brought this bug to our attention and thanks to everyone who withstood the temptation to abuse this bug – you are the kind of player that makes the RuneScape community so special :)


In a game as competitive as RuneScape, people will sometimes desire to use illicit methods to get ahead of others. That having been said, have you ever been tempted to break a rule for personal gains?


Personally, I am happy to say that I have never actually broken any major rules (except when I almost got banned for a week for dropping the f-bomb on the RSOF, but that was when I was a noob). However, I've had to resist temptations quite a few times.




I remember back when people started using a bot called Rune-Bot, which communicated with the server directly. I was tempted to test it out, but I am glad I didn't because those who used it got their stats wiped the next day. Good thing I followed the rules!




Admittedly, the thought of selling my gold for real money has crossed my mind a few times. However, since Jagex frequently cracks down on real-world trading, I figured that it wasn't worth the risk of losing such a good character. Even if RWT wasn't easily detectable, I ultimately wouldn't have felt good doing it. Now that I have a real job, RWT seems even more pointless.


Bug abuse:


I've never really found out how a bug worked before Jagex fixed it. The only major exception was the "mu" bug from February 2009 that caused people's clients to crash. I was tempted to crash a high-level player's CC channel in retaliation for being kicked out of it earlier. However, I also asked myself, "What if an innocent player was fighting a dangerous monster and loses 30 million GP worth of equipment?" I would have felt extremely bad, so I didn't do it.


On a somewhat related note, I've also declined "dirty" items (those that I knew were illicitly obtained) on more than on occasion.


Has anyone else ever been in similar situations?





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I personally macro'd a little back in classic, mostly out of curiosity. I was duly punished, however. :???:


Other than that, not really. I generally enjoy playing the game as it is, so see no need to cheat - much though I'd love a rare or several 99s.

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Tbh, yes.


RWT: I have never done this but it seems like a good way to make a little bit of money in RL. Lets say buy some gp in rs for $50 and sell it for $60. But I highly doubt I would try to do something like this.


Bug Abuse: Tbh, this interests me a lot. Not, for big benefits, just for lols. Yet, i dont have enough brains for this so :)


The rest dont tempt me at all :)



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No. I've never seriously considered botting, even for a short time. Similarly, I wouldn't abuse a bug either. There are two simple reasons: I like having a clear conscience, and I always think "What if I am the one unlucky bastard who gets banned?" whenever the thought does come up.



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This is an interesting thread. I will say that I have been tempted to cheat, and I have cheated, thus I got banned for it. I guess I learnt the hard way.


In reality though, it's sometimes just about the opportunity cost. Some people are more than willing to risk a decent account if they could get something good out of it.


I would suggest against breaking RuneScape rules though, as it's still against the spirit of the game.


Hmm, I guess I'll have to lurk this thread

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All tacticians consider these kinds of things at least once, but I believe at least some people think, "Why the hell would I bother to cheat in rs anyway?"


It is on the whole, somewhat shortsighted if you actually enjoy and play this game, rather than see it as a way to gain more money.


That being said, if you don't enjoy playing rs, why are you playing rs?


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Its' a GAME, why would you cheat in a game?

First they came to fishing

and I didn't speak out because I wasn't fishing


Then they came to the yews

and I didn't speak out because I didn't cut yews


Then they came for the ores

and I didn't speak out because I didn't collect ores


Then they came for me

and there was no one left to speak out for me.

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I never have no. I don't agree with cheating in any online game. It defeats the point of competing with other players. I may as well play a single player game if I want any easy game with no challenge.

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Back when people were talking about Jagex rolling back levels but not items, I considered botting a level 3 up to 99 mage, getting him the cape, then having him be rolled back.


Why? For [cabbage]s and giggles.




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i have wonders if anyone would make this topic.


once when i was a nooby newb, i have to say i am guilty of transferring money from one of my accounts to another. (i was broke, so i made an acount to do stronghold of security for free cash).

besides that i have never done anything besides rare swearing (never anything as bad as an "f-bomb" though). even even that happens no more.


for the past few years the temptation to cheat has been zero. the temptation to use a bot has been less.


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Guest TrixStar



once when i was a nooby newb, i have to say i am guilty of transferring money from one of my accounts to another. (i was broke, so i made an acount to do stronghold of security for free cash).


If this is cheating then 99.9% of anyone who played this game when GP was the only bankable item would/should be banned. Everyone had mules and everyone xferred things between them. Hell people created coal mules and just gave the user names and pw's away to bluerose instead of trading 5000 times.

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I have never been tempted to cheat, even less using a bot.


I always fear that using these kinds of software will end up getting my account hacked, or even worse, put viruses into my computer.




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About 6 years ago when i was young and naive and i had just started playing [CB lvl 10-15] i tried to look into botting [tin ore], couldnt figure it out and gave up. :thumbdown:


Condemned cheating ever since. ;-)

[specially those rwt losers that make me feel bad for trying to earn money the legit way]

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