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April 11th, 2011


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runescape forums online again


edit: it was for a few seconds...


Retired item crew

I would like to be credited as essiw at the website update & corrections forum. Thanks!

If you want to add me in game, add "essiw".

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Still thinking it's funny how they can post on their twitter and not their own home page or even forums.


Yay, Jagex. This is so like you. :thumbsup:

remember them saying a while back that they had specific people that updated the home page, possible those people aren't there at the moment, and posting it on their forums would be worthless since they're down.

R.I.P. The olde nite. A legend is gone but not forgotten.


a Faction Related Item Sink for Rune Labs. https://[LikelyScam]/m=player-proposal/a=13/c=VcG-Ir5Ijno/view-idea?idea=19



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I'm glad I finally made a tip.it account, Jagex really seem to have messed up their entire site at the moment.


(currently trying to get on-line on RS client, Chrome, and on forums, all failing at the moment)


They probably cant add a main page message. I'm sure they would if they could.

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error conncecting to server here..... 20:11 GMT





Still the proud owner of Quest Cape since 8th December 2007

All skills used to be 70 or higher. (Dang you Dungeoneering. Oh wait, it's not a skill...)

Drops: Whips 8, Black Mask 8, D/Skirt 1, D/Spear 1, D/Shield Left Half 1, D/Boots 12, G/Maul 4, Range Ammy 1, Hexcrest 1.

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Got these 2 messages from a clanmate in IRC. Been trying to verify them:


We have found that the root of the problem is a dedicated denial of service attack originating from a VPN. We are trying to find out who owns this and get it taken off the web. Please bare with us - Mod Knox


We have some response from our core hosting servers now, we should have 100% functionability within the next 30 minutes. As a result of the server crash we have regrettably had to rollback everyone who was online's account by 2 hours. This was the only way we could deal with a lingering issue cause with around 50% of the accounts when we got the servers back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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This sucks I was going to finish DT today, hopefully we get a double exp weekend out of this.


Not going to happen, but still :thumbup:



Add me if you so wish: SwreeTak

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We are unable to put a newspost onto the website due to these issues we will post on rs.com when we are back online Mod Knox


There ya go. Figured there would be an explanation.


Wait, It was a DDOS attack? blink.gif

~ W ~



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It's not a crash. Jagex is carefully monitoring the amount of posts and "Users reading" threads on TIF and other fansites. They will then use this data to extrapolate the number of actual RS players, factoring things like time of day and week among other variables using a secret formula reminiscent of the ROW.


After reaching a final number, they assume that the remaining accounts are all "bots" and then arbitrarily pick a corresponding amount of accounts to ban. ;)


Nice theory.


I am personally betting on: check to hosting company lost in the mail or bounced



PvP is not for me

In the 3rd Year of the Boycott
Real-world money saved since FT/W: Hundreds of Dollars
Real-world time saved since FT/W: Thousands of Hours

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fail jagex i want my money back

Here you go


3-4h downtime = 3 cents, congrats, you are rich now.

581st to Cooking 99 [June 2005]-------------71537th to Hitpoints 99 [December 2009]

233rd to Firemaking 99 [February 2006]----65875th to Defence 99 [February 2010]

822nd to Woodcutting 99 [March 2006]------95249th to Attack 99 [April 2010]

576th to Fishing 99 [september 2006]-------14016th to Crafting 99 [January 2011]

83541st to Strength 99 [May 2009]----------124340th to Magic 99 [June 2011]

23885th to Smithing 99 [september 2011]--XXXXXXth to Ranged 99 [October 2012]


F2p forever ...

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Hello again guys!! Were having issues with our core hosting providers they are looking into it but we still have no timeframe. We really appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this. :) ~Zach



Hello all, Many thanks for your patience!! A few people are able to log in but the experience will still not be good. We are still working on the fix. We are unable to send out a newspost at this time but will post on RuneScape.com when we are back up and running. ~Zach



Owner of the Quest Point Cape

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