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Founders WANTED!!!

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I am searching four co-founders for my clan. Even though I will have the end all decisions, i would allow you to have a voice and share your opinions.


What i am looking for:

-assertiveness on issues and matters

-communacative and easy to work with


-others near my timezone(If you make a good impression, i may give exceptions)


What i am not looking for:

-previous clan experience(your clan experience does not automaticly make you a founder)


-high combat level or high skill levels

-The complete opposite of what i am looking for!


My timezone is Pacific time, which is GMT -8.


I will want to talk on chat with you in-game if you are interested, so I will most likely be playing Runscape during late afternoon or early morning. Hint, hint...i wake up at 8am every day and i usually go to bed at 11pm.


Even if you are not one of the five(including me:D) founders that sign the charter, you will still be able to join the clan. Unless you are a socially unatractive person, i will take you. I am not only looking for founders, but members who will lead future generations;)!


I hope to chat with you soon^_^!



If you have trouble contacting me, you may speak to the co-founders that i have now. There names are Aki-kuruk, and Solerk.

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Good luck, Although, previous clan experience would be a must for me if I were looking for someone to start a new clan with.


Edit: this may or may not be moved to the 'looking for a clan/team thread, heads up.

~I will always have some KO in my heart <3 thanks for the memory's KO unit~


Old troll.

Ex-Leader of KO Unit

Ex-Member of Legendz

Ex-Member of the Wilderness Guardians

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