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How strict are you on applicants?

The Observer

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In Silent Ember our policy is to not go too strict on our applicants.

Of course we have an activity based requirement, and being a complete idiot in wars, as well as outside of the wars is not allowed and will be punished.

But our main aim is to have fun, which doesnt go well with a strict application system

^ for Silent Ember.


Cl's system isn't really strict. Just do your own [cabbage], bind/blast everywar, get to know the community and your good. Pretty much the same roll for every clans to be honest, but some are harder I guess. :shades:g


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In TT you have to get past screening on your intro, post a future applicant app and get that accepted then get a certain amount of events based on how long it takes. Then member app go through voting and 1 month of imp which is basically fa with a bit more freedom and access then full member. Generally the fa process takes 1-3 months with another 1 month for the imp period. Mentors are assigned and are often pretty strict on fa's

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I'm pretty lenient when it comes to the introductions, although I do like to get to know the intro. However, when it comes to a more higher scaled level of system, then I go after the most detailed and let go of any unworthy introductions/applications. For Aesta, I plan on going through every introduction myself and judging what I think is legit. Otherwise, TKO has a very high standard to intro upon (usually) and requires a good amount of effort & detail. Solace, same thing, longer process now as well. So in a run-down:


Solace = Introduction->Intro status->FA if accepted after 5 days of Intro->FA for 2-3 weeks->Member if accepted afterward.

TKO = Introduction->FA if accepted with good Introduction->Member if accepted after 2 weeks.

Aesta = Introduction->FA application->Member if accepted after 1 week.




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We pretty much accept anyone who fills out the application thoughtfully. If they put random crap in the application just to make it go through (you have to fill out all the questions for it to work), we'll ask them to fill it out.


We also have a question asking about rs bans and mutes and such. We're a pg rated clan, so if the person was RECENTLY banned or muted, we probably won't accept. If it was a year or more ago though, we just make sure they've changed their ways :P


All in all we're a laid back group anyway. To achieve full member though, you need to have been a member of the clan two weeks and attended an event. We make people prove their activity before we accept them as full members. We make them fill out ANOTHER app to become a full member. Most people cbb to do this sort of thing. And we cbb to have them around ;o

A v a .


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My Clans applications aren't that strict, We ask that you fill one in, And make sure you've answered everything, then we have a record of when someone has joined, It also prevents those that aren't going to be committed to the clan from joining, And we get only the best :)

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Can anyone actually tell me an advantage of those strict "recruits".


In the past I used to be a high valued member of some decently sized clans, though I always left from disagreeing with other leaders. I honestly never saw an application "post" or "event" or anything as something that should be taken strictly. I never saw it as adding an extra value, I saw countless applications, and people tended to always act in some annoyingly "kind" manner there. I hated it and if it were up to me I kicked any member who acted such. But each time in each clan those were actually the only ones who fitted in the application process.

The people who were acting naturally and were often more capable (as they showed themself without a mask) were the victims of a strict application policy.


Strict application policies in my opinion leads only mistrust (people don't act naturel) and prejudiced selections.



Much better it is to make a simple clear justified application, and work on recommendation. Don't add those things that drag along and put stress on everyone. And above all: don't make your application system the only method of getting in.

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We usually put our new Future Applicants in RKOF to some kind of test, and we see if its good member.

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