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Mid-level balanced Clan.

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I'm looking to start a mid-sized, mid-level Clan for all aspects of the game. All are welcome, but content will be aimed more towards the level 80+ range. We would most likely be open to both F2P and P2P but, naturally, most content will be geared towards Members. I'm not too sure if PvP will be added, we'll have to decide on that. But safe Clan Wars would most likely pop up somewhere.


Purpose of the Clan:






Treasure Trails


Social Events (house parties, Foot races, scavenger hunts, etc)


Clan motto, motif, etc:

Name: I have a name, but I don't want it taken, so we should decide on it in-game.

Colors: Picked by Founders

Motto: Picked by Founders

Motif: Picked by Founders

(I'm not really sure of the available colors/images , and I can't access them until the Clan is registered).

Clan Time: Most likely EST -5/Picked by Founders

Anything else I may have missed: Picked by Founders

Current Founders:

-Roses Fire

-Mistress Yue





What I'm looking for in a Founder:



-Commitment to the game and the Clan

-Good social skills/willingness to help others

-Literacy (I'm not going to say no if you use 1337 speak, but correct grammar helps)


If you want to join, or just have some questions, feel free to post here, on the RuneScape Official Forum, or PM me in-game (Roses Fire). Thanks, and I hope to hear from someone soon!




RSOF QFC: 93-94-398-62692628

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Hey forum people. It would seem that SerLizar has joined us and ExtremeJebus has bailed. Meaning we still have two spots open if anyone is interested. Post here, PM me ingame, or head over to the RuneScape forums if you're interested or have any questions!

Quick find code: 93-94-977-62737138


Founder's application:

How often do you play RuneScape?

What do you do most when you play?

Are you really into Clans, or are you just looking for something to do?

What is your timezone?

How are you with decision making?


More questions may be added, but you don't need to fill this out unless you're really interested in signing up. :)

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