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Divine Forces vs Violent Resolution

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VR approached me for a 5 day prep matched opts fight, but we had more important things to worry about at the time so i decided to post it later on (Yesterday) so we could worry about the things that deserved our immediate attention (TR & TRWF)


Rules were set as following


  • All styles first round (+-5)
  • Melee binds second round (matched)
  • Classic
  • Clan cloaks
  • North attacks


52 vs 57 the first round


We were going kill for kill untill the 30 mark where VR's +5 overpowered us. VR put up a good performance and gave us a good wake up call.


Second round was Melee binds

50 vs 50


Apparently kobster1 tanked them :emot9cmfm:


Then we decided to have another 2 rounds because it was rather enjoyable, and all good fun.


We won the All styles by 22 people standing in DF's favour


Followed by Melee binds




36 left standing. in DF's favour


Thanks for the fights VR was enjoyable, i'm seeing progress in your ability to go man for man. Keep up the effort. :rolleyes:


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Nice CC name :thumbup:

~I will always have some KO in my heart <3 thanks for the memory's KO unit~


Old troll.

Ex-Leader of KO Unit

Ex-Member of Legendz

Ex-Member of the Wilderness Guardians

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good job both


kinda funny how most top clans talked crap about CWA, yet all of them do it more and more often.

Maybe they realised their organisation isnt top notch


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well done DF! :thumbsup:


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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