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Grab the phat


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Dangerous roads...








I run non-stop through the Amazon rainforest, dodging snakes, crocodiles, vultures, ents, poison ivy and tree spirits tumble out into the Sahara desert, run run run all the way and swim across the Nile river... a shark (somehow) starts to chase me down the Nile, I gracefully leap out of the water and whack it with a nearby tennis racquet and propell myself to the bermuda triangle.








The clouds start to turn grey... BLACK. A colourful aura brightens the sky and suddenly... shoots down towards me. I dive under water, the beam of light somehow chasing me like a homing torpedo... there's a silent explosion of red, yellow, pink and purple light... I'm not sure whether I'm alive... but I think I am. So I must be.








Any way, I go up to the drunken pirate 30 seconds before he dies and grab the party hat.








Then I give the phat to... :ohnoes: Chuck Norris :twisted: .... Just kidding. :wink:








I stick the party hat into a shredding machine. I don't even know who Chuck Norris is...! :uhh:



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I burn all the copies, and then get the real one. Then I wear it.




I snipe the hat off your head as you're walking along and take it. I then make it into a paper airplane and throw it so it gets caught in the wind and is never seen again.



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I use an anti-TheBlazikenMaster laser on you and you fall to the floor. I grab the phat out of your hands



you know there is a place called outside, better graphics 100% pvp and no fee to play :-w
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When I get back up, I hire someone that isn't me, because it was anti-BlazikenMaster laser, not anti-human laser. He takes the party hat, and then I say "You may keep it.", he's now in Canada (while I'm in NYC), and has a big party in Canada, and kill me, hurt me, force me to do whatever you want. You'll never get the party hat from be because I don't have it. :twisted:

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*Fluff has the party hat* (for the love of every-thing, DON'T ASK (please, he shoots me when you as-*BANG*))


It's not about the other people, its about shooting cute furry things that explode.
I sincerely hate any-one who replies to a quote in their signature.

Amen to that! Preach it brother!

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I through a rock at fluff. Fluff surrenders instantly and gives me the party hat. I disguise the party hat by putting a fake mustache on it, and calling it by "harold".



Some people are like slinkies, normally they are dull, but they always give you a smile

when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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I take the cheese. It doesn't really help me get the phat, but it confuses you long enough for me to snatch it from you.

My skin is finally getting soft
I'll scrub until the damn thing comes off

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