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Well rs peaked years ago before the G.E and jagexs sympathy for their "not so bright" players. I've created many accounts in the past and after a 400 day break I've come here to ask the community to assist me in a decision I need to make.


Keep in mind im f2p and unsure if i'll ever give jagex $$ again.


The Question: Which of my accounts should I use for PVP anf possibly full time? (meaning the others will be neglected)


The Accounts:



80 attack

85 strength

84 defence

95 hitpoints (screw constitution)

99 range

94 mage

70 pray

106 cmb f2p, has full void in bank with lunars and all that junk stuff done.


Zerker Pure-

70 attack

84 strength

45 defence

77 hitpoints

76 range

73 mage

52 pray

87 cmb f2p, barrows gloves, torso, defender, anchor in bank, 180 qp


1 def pure-

40 attack

59 strength

1 defence

51 hitpoints

45 range

30 mage

1 pray

45 cmb f2p nothing fancy



Which account on f2p would make the most profit PVP over time with stats getting better? Which account on p2p? Use which acc 4ever?

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You would do fine in the wilderness even with your main, especially with 99 range. I'd go with that definitely.

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Thanks for the responses, but I think I need to ask a different set of questions.


1. Which type of accounts do bette in f2p pvp: 1 defence pures, rune pures, or main accounts (100+combat)?


2. Same question, but p2p pvp.


3. Would you choose Maxed out main, maxed out rune pure, or maxed out 1 defence pure to pk with?

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They are in different level ranges so it's impossible to say, but in general a max main will beat any other build.

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I'm guessing your zerker pure was created before the release of curses/defender of varrock series and really you'd want to get those with 45 defence. May still be possible I'm not sure but without turmoil it's a bit of a sub par zerker.

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Definately your main would be best for pvp. Dungeoneer and get a gravite 2h and longbow site





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Honestly I didn't it would be this hard to make up my mind. I'm most likely not going to get p2p ever again, so I won't be skilling, or doing anymore quests..Strictly f2p pvp single combat only, This is the last question I'm going to ask.


Which account style would you say in f2p pvp averages more gp in a day in kills? If a mod feels this cant be answered just close this.

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