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Divine Forces vs The Titans

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Lovelost approached me at about 5 est about a 2 hour cap, i asked other officials even though we have had fights for the last 7 days and expected a day out we decided to accept anyway and we quickly set it up scheduled to start at 5:30 est. We massed up 65 people on short prep, which was pretty impressive for a clan with ~115 total members. TT started with around the same, they wouldn't tell me their starting but i'd say about ~60 people. We started off the fight and at the start it was even for the first hour i would say. Then we started gaining and peaked at ~90 people.


I'm really happy with this, our pull, performance & intensity were all unmatched from what i've seen this entire year. Amazing job DF.



Rules of the fight

  • 2 hour cap - ending 7:30 est
  • 10 sniper cap
  • Spiders - GDS
  • DG allowed


DF starting:



TT Starting:180


We eventually really took over the fight, grabbed it by the balls and made sure we had this in the bag. Estimated at 1 hour and 58 minutes and 26 seconds we got word of TT calling it off. Thanks for approaching me for the fight TT. Looking forward to the next one!









DF ending:270 opts




Thanks for the fight TT, well done on the amazing performance DF.


Stay active clan world :thumbsup:


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