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>>[Pixel Art Contest]<< **10m Prize**


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Old gets my vote too :) It has a very interesting style of shading and I get a great sense of movement. I love how the sword and cape compliment each other by going off in opposite directions.

Posted Image


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My vote goes to Myu. What caught my attention the most was the shading of the wings and scales along with the reflection cast by the moon on the water.


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-Overall time put into the piece (yes you can tell who spent more time)

-Depth (Is there a foreground, mid ground, background)

-Detail (amount of colors, shading, attention to anatomy are some)


Please dont vote on a piece because you "like it" or because its "badass". Try to vote on the best artistic work.



Iglw because I like it.



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My vote goes to Gbpackers31


-lovely attention to detail on the palm leaves

-the water looks fantastic

-he's done well to create depth.


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After about half an hour of deciding, I'm voting for Myu. I just can't resist those colors.


Really good job people, you worked really hard. :-) I'm going to post now before I change my mind again.


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Wish I could vote... I wouldn't even vote for myself, lol. If I get any votes, I'm reasonable confident that it would be me, while sleep walking/typing... GL to everyone!


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Gorgeous detail on the trees and water. Well done. :thumbup:



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I love landscape portraits. This is amazing.

The rest are amazing too! :)

Nani mo dekinai

Chanto dekinai

Sore ga dou shita?

Bokura wa wakai'n da

Nanimo dekinai

Sugu ni dekinai

Dakara bokura ni kanou sei ga aru'n da



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It's a tough call between Old and GB's but I'm going to have to pick GB's. Both are my style of pixel art and the simple colors and shadows just do it in for me on GB's.


Overall, well done to all the entries!

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