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The Observer

Divine Forces -vs- Brutality

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Brutality approached me for a fight, i gladly accepted on short notice out of our timezone. We had 15 minutes to mass up whatever we could get and we walked up with 40 people. The fight kicked off and off the bat we started gaining. Getting 27 extra people on within the 30 minute mark, ending up out numbering brut almost 2:1 they decided to call it off.


After that we walked around Corruptions fight flaming them & their dogs.



1 hour cap

Spds - GDS

clear when crashed


Brut starting 120

DF starting 120













DF ending:


67 on ts - 200 opts ending


Thanks for the skirmish Brut. Keep improving (Y)


Stay active DF.


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Thanks for the rune BRUT :thumbup:


Bin laden is alive btw

M on my Chest.


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