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Best Attack Method

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    Scorpion Pit

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The only boss where accurate MAY be better than aggressive is Nex.

But there are so many other things to consider with Nex (switching your rings, and other gear as well (void/bandos switches for claw specs,) and actually being the right distance away from Nex to minimise damage as well as avoiding all of her special attacks,) that such a small bonus is negligible. Not to mention that the default for the rapid attack style for firing your bolts also puts your claws (when you do whip them out) on aggressive anyway, so it's not really worth wasting the time and effort switching your claws to accurate every time you use them unless you are like Jesus with your switching skills and use of F-keys.

A general rule would be that agressive stance trumps accurate stance everywhere. This may deviate according to your personal stats, but for a maxed player, this statement holds true everywhere.
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    Demon Vanquisher

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How often do you hit when boxing maxed vs maxed? I mean, is accurate or aggressive better?
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99+ all 23rd March 2012 - 2496 total 13th June 2012.
9000+ dragon drops! Including draconic visage, d chains, d spears, d2h, d claws, d meds, d legs, d skirts... d bones, d hides :)?
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I want jagex to put resource dungeons and dungeoneering skill doors to dungeoneering floors so I can dungeon and get dungeoneering xp while I dg so I don't have to dg to get dg exp, but I can dg while I dg :)?

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    Aes Sedai

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Well, accurate vs defensive means two equal rolls of 112 versus eachother, and defence wins a tie. So that gives you 112*112 possible combinations of rolls, of which 112 are even (miss) and the rest is split evenly, so 6216/12544 or 49,55% accuracy.
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