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Solace vs Echo of Silence


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EoS asked us for a 1 day prep PKRI. We accepted under the following rules (which EoS obeyed this time).


- 3 hour cap


Solace starting: 168



EoS starting: I don't know, 129 or something? 55 on audio



(07:42:07 pm) - ¤ Anthrax- ¤ Want to remove that bullcrap from your topic?

(07:42:43 pm) - ¤ Anthrax- ¤ I'm 100% we (VR) didn't touch any eos in single.


After stalling for 15 minutes due to their TS lagging, VR mass sniping them in single, and gas prices rising, we finally got annoyed of waiting around, and we rushed EoS at spiders on World 20. We immediately gave EoS a dose of their own treatment and sent 15 snipers to their pile from the start of the fight. From there, we never looked back. We spent a bit of time clearing EoS's snipers, and we spent the rest of it chasing their main pile as they performed the grand prix. Unfortunately, due to rising gas prices, EoS ran out of gasoline and called off returning 90 minutes into the cap. Thanks for the fight, and thanks for talking all sorts of crap prior to the fight.


Solace ending: 183 (64 active)



EoS ending: logged














  • Splashy for eventually giving up on bind sniping
  • CD/BT for crashing
  • Haaki3 for coming to this fight on his birthday
  • Duvasio for being a squid

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I'm making a killing here, I think I should be on top of the world just chilling here.

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