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finally decide to get sitrep pro again and guess what, i cant find anything to destroy for it. before going for pro i would find claymores, betties and motion sensors all the time, now im lucky to see one a match :-|

That's the exact reason I just switched to Dead Silence. It takes stupidly long to get something you can get the virtual equivalent of by the time you're half way.

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I was playing this game 2 days ago I think, and I got a 23 gunstreak and died. To a sniper laying down in a corner with assassin. How am I supposed to cope with this and not have an emotional breakdown?
Come support my max total goal here.

Briobe122's 10-step guide to staking:

1. Get cleaned
2. Vow to never stake ever again! (very important)
3. welfare tds and get claws
4. kill glacors til i get boots
5. bandos ffa or more tds til i have around 50m
6. realize that it is far too hard to rebuild using steps 3, 4, and 5
7. give up the vow to never stake again
8. go back staking and make your bank back
9. if you failed at step #8, Go back to step #1
10. if you succeed at step #8, you will eventually feel the need to make money for rich people stuff, have a bad day of staking, then get cleaned anyways

Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

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