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Corruption+Solace vs The Titans+Collision


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Yeah so Solace and CoR agreed that they would team up, TT + Collision would team up and we'd fight. The fight was pretty standard/simple in terms of rules: 3 hour cap, 25 sniper cap, team to clear crashers blah blah blah. Fight was probably pretty good back and forth the usual crap. I wasn't really there for much of it and everyone else was too lazy to write a topic so here it is (someone PM me more pictures).


Corruption + Solace starting: 340+

The Titans + Collision starting: 250+






Corruption + Solace ending: 350+

The Titans + Collision ending: 290






Thanks for the fight

Topic by Applerune. Thanks for being there for 6 minutes Code rofl. 2k0a3d.

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I'm making a killing here, I think I should be on top of the world just chilling here.

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