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Ascension Defeats Envy

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- For Motivation Purposes, Don't Take it Seriously -


We got around to setting a fight up with Envy. After numerous negotiations, we eventually agreed on a 90 minute, MBR fight. Both clans having a rivalry, we did not take this fight lightly. Our members were pumped, and we were determined to clear Envy before the time cap. Adding to our motivation, we caught word from Envy members that if they lost to us today, they would be turning into a team. Come the fight, we had 42 on audio to there 36. From the start, we dominated in every aspect there is. Exactly 4 minutes in, Envy's first of uncountable regroups was underway. After having our solid main pile chase around there regroups, we finally decided to send out 10 snipers to just finish off there attempt to last the cap, soon after, Envy logged from the world. We caught word of the world they hopped too, and finished them off as they attempted to run to single. Thank you CR for the AC.




- 90 Minute Cap

- Melee + Binds + Range

- East Tree - Spiders

- No Snipe Cap


Ascension's Starting: 129 Options

Envy's Starting: 108 Options






Ascension's Ending: 135 Options

Envy's Ending: 0, Cleared from the world.












Thanks for the fight Envy. Yes, the last 5 minutes we sent 10 snipers to finish your 30 option regroups, it wasn't against the rules. Any Ascension flaming, will be dealt with. Personal props to you, Envy for lasting so long outnumbered.

cafq0zh5.gifElite Member of Ascension | hrkot2.gifSenior Member of Silent Ember | 3145bsw.jpgOld School of TPR


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Well done Asc


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Congratulations Ascension. :)


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gratz ASC! :thumbsup:

blnt Envy!


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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Gratz Asc you definitely took that one. Envy wasn't cleared tho, they left at the end of the cap as it was clear you were the victor.


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Good job Ascension.

Proud To Have Been Apart Of Dark Knights United.

Lethal Blades At Heart.

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