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Solace vs Echo of Silence


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Initially, several of our members were bored. After considering it, we decided to prep for a 30 minute spur PK trip. Ironically, we discovered that Echo of Silence were also massing. We walked up with 150 options after 30 minutes of massing, and we found EoS on world 20 with 108 options. They went back to moss giants and logged upon us hitting them. They promised they'd return in 10 minutes or so, which they did, with:


Solace starting:



EoS starting: probably 135, they did gain though - please post/confirm


The fight stayed even as EoS gained. Eventually, we gained up to peak at 65, which sent EoS regrouping for an hour. Unfortunately, we failed to keep those numbers, and we dropped to 52 active, which crippled our main pile and sent us regrouping for an hour or so. Our numbers rose back to 60 and remained there for the rest of the fight. The same could not be said for EoS, who seemed to still be feeling the pain of the rising gas prices. EoS began to regroup for a bit. They then began to mass snipe greaters and didn't leave. We maintained a pile regardless, but eventually, we realized that it wasn't quite as efficient. We began to mass-snipe EoS off us for 35 minutes or so. EoS ran out gasoline due to a level 92 Greater Demon stealing a majority of it, and, once again, EoS called off returning 4 hours into the battle.


Solace ending: 183 (61 on audio - 2 randoms were in screenshot)




EoS ending: 0






















  • GMT unit, especially Oldi - 4:35 AM on a school night is no easy task
  • Fm11 for being Adelais' worst marshal
  • EoS for PK'ing and keeping the wildy active
  • KO for AC'ing CD from our fight
  • Hios for making an appearance and winning the fight for us


Cya Thursday, EoS. Enjoy Spain, Oliver :).

Was fun got like 2k6d.

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I'm making a killing here, I think I should be on top of the world just chilling here.

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