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Runescape Dinasty -vs- Violent Resolution

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Runescape Dinasty -vs- Violent Resolution





Date: Monday 16th May


VR pmed us earlier today wanting to setup a fight, we told them we were going out and waited for them to mass up and hit us. After walking around a few worlds killing some looters at various fights until we got word of VR walking up to mossies on world 14. We quickly hopped over and rushed them on top of spiders to start the fight.






RSD Starting: 195 Options (75 on ts)


Violent Resolution Starting: 70 People on ts (Need Confirmation)


Right off the bat, everything was on lock. We transitioned through VR's pile non stop, with spam off the screen and VR struggling to find any footfall in the fight at all. We immediately sent 15 snipers to hinder VR's pile whilst we trailed them picking off all their stragglers, looters and AFKers whilst they still hadn't sent any snipers on us, giving us free reign to destroy them without any hesitation.


Finally after around 30 minutes, VR decided to send their swat unit but it was't really anything that we couldn't handle and constantly managed to clear their snipers, moving onto and making swift work of their main pile. This continued until around the 80-90 minute mark when VR decided to sacrifice any organisation in their main pile whatsoever and send 40 snipers on us. After getting into our groove, we were quickly powering through VR's snipers whilst their main pile mass sniped our 15 snipers at vents.


VR peaked on TS at around this time with a reported 103 people to our 80/85 but still couldn't handle us, quickly losing motivation and dropping numbers like flies in the last hour. Eventually around 15-20 minutes before they actually called off returning altogether we were clearing the 2/3 snipers that were still left returning and trailing their main pile regroups around as they made their way back and forth from New Gate to Spiders and then back again. After around 15 minutes of this monotonous and overused tactic they finally decided to log out and call off returning.


Thanks for the fight VR :thumbsup:


RSD Ending: 255 Options (85 on TS)

VR Ending: 0 Logged Out (73 on TS - Confirmed)




RSD Starting





















RSD Ending




RSD total k:308 d:244 VR total k:243 d:305

graycrown.gifFormer Eternal Honour Council -- Former Vengeance Council graycrown.gif

124ecdx.gifRunescape Dinasty Applicant Manager 124ecdx.gif


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gf [racist term]s


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Didn't expect VR to give up as quickly as they did, but props to them for not dragging out the fight.


4k 0d



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124ecdx.gifFormer Vengeance Council124ecdx.gif

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