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RuneScape Membership Cards - Price Increased


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It's way cheaper to buy a prepaid MasterCard or Visa and use that anyways.


This is a good alternative. If you can find a Runescape game card at the places you usually buy it at, you'll definitely be able to find some pre-paid credit cards too. You can buy different amounts like 10, 25 and 50 dollars and although there's a small activation fee (I think a buck or two for a $25 one, not sure about the others) it's definitely cheaper than buying the actual Runescape game cards. Also since the pre-paid credit cards behave exactly like a normal credit card except it has a fixed amount of money, you can use it for other things too.. but let's not go there :razz:


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Prices in the UK are still £4.99 and £12.99. Went to Sainsburys yesterday.


Yup checked in Game today still £4.99 for 30 days.


I'm sure the ones we sell are £5. I could be wrong though. We have a large pile of these sorts of cards which we have had in stock since last summer. First nobody bought them (Not only Runescape, but ones like NEXT, Debenhams and Argos didn't sell at all either), then they took them off the system meaning we couldn't physically sell them. We then dumped the stand we had for them as it was taking up space and threw the cards into a little box. Now they have re-instated them and we can finally sell them, except they are now in a Tupperware box next to one of the tills where nobody will ever notice them. If they didn't sell before, they sure as hell won't now. I wonder if we will still be able to sell them if the price increases? They have the price on the front so we couldn't just sell them for more.

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