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[TWR] Clan Europe vs CS-Forces

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Clan Europe -vs- CS-Forces


  • Matched Ops x2, round 1 - All styles. Round 2 - Melee Binds & Ranged
  • Classic Map - Center Bounds,
  • Ring Charging Allowed,
  • Dungeoneering NOT Allowed,
  • Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed,

We know this would be a tought war, we gear up, pumped ourself up and since Joeri boy weren't there eating his crisp/cookie, we were far more focus then previous war.


Round 1:All Styles

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 19

DG Starting Ops: 19


We ko the first pile and never look back, started off slow but build up and with our combat lvls, we were sure to see victory in this fight.


CE Ending Ops: 14?

DG Ending Ops: 0







Round 2: Melee Binds & Ranged

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 18

DG Starting Ops: 18


War started with us once again dropping, since we got north last round, they were attacking first. We quickly dd and get ready for a good fight. They ko our first pile but we caught up soon afterwards and got the win.


CE Ending: 11

DG Ending: 0







Thanks for the fight CS-Forces, looking forward to our next fight <3


- Dricy Dric Dric


Legendz - 100+ F2p combat !! Join today and get TWO free cookies @@@@@

crowngolduh9.gif - Proud Leader of LEGENDZ

warsword.gif - Proud Warlord of Clan Europe

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Thanks for fights.

Solace FA | Runite Knights of Finland &Warlord

Clan Europe &Warlord | Flip Flops +Retired

#Solace | #CE | #RKOF-Clan | #FF

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Good job both!!! :thumbsup:



CE: 225 points

CS FORCES: 100 points


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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