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Looking for F2P warring clans

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Hi. I'm looking a for F2P clan ( 100+) that does warring at gamer's grotto frequently or in the wilderness seldomly. I would prefer a clan with mature people.


My Timezone : GMT+8 ( Prefer clans that are within GMT+6 - GMT+10 or clans that are active 24/7)


I'm very active and would be online almost everday for at least 5-10 hours)


Combat level: 121 ( Getting it to 123)

Attack: 93 ( No-lifing to 99 everyday)

Strength: 99

Defence: 99

Constitution: 99

Ranged: 99

Magic: 73

Prayer: 74


Previous clans: Bloodshed empire, Red Blade Hunters


I'm quite low on cash atm so I hope that the clans would not mind me having not enough equipments or items for war. I have 3 full rune set, 2 green d hide set, adamant arrows, some binds, str pots, sighted bow, lots of food and berserker shield.

Other notes: I'm familiar with warring styles like tanking, hugging, following piles and etc...

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Hey there, I'd invite you to check out Ancient Legion. While our requirements are 90+, not 100+, our combat average is well over 100+ so we're not a low-leveled clan by any means. We've been around for over three years, but after a period of inactivity, we've just started in the last week or two getting back up to our usual standards. We're really looking for solid members like you to help make AL all we know it can be, and since we're going nowhere but up, it's a great time to be involved in the clan. I myself had been retired for more than a year but chose to come back because it really is a good time for the clan.


We offer warring at least once almost every weekend, and although we take our warring seriously, we also have all sorts of events (from PvM to fun events to contests) throughout the week. Most of all, we offer a friendly and mature community that will treat you as an individual, not as just another CC item, and we have our very own private Teamspeak 3 channel to enhance communication amongst our members.


I'm not gonna lie -- most of our wars are around 3 or 4 Eastern time, so the timezone wouldn't be ideal for you. We've had some ambitious Aussies/Malaysians pull it off before, but unless you're willing to stay up late/wake up early, we're probably not your best bet. If you are, we'd love to have you -- you're exactly the kind of clanner we're trying to attact to AL.


Anyways, give us a look and PM me if you have any questions -- best of luck in the clan search. :)




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If your interested you could check out #envy. We do have set requirments but we can help you make the cash for them. Our requirments are 110+ for full member and 108+ for juniour which you clearly meet. Plenty of mature members in the clan to. So if your interested post an intro on our boards and have a look around Clan envy We also have plenty of ausies but our wars do range from 9-11gmt but do post an intro.

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Hello Pretty. I am YourDeath G, I think that The Gladiatorz would be an excellent fit for you. One of our requirements is 110+ F2p CB. We do a variety of events including safe CW and risked PvP, also we host a large amount of events such as GWD, Barbarian Assault and Barrows, just to name a few.


Search "The Gladiatorz" to find our website or drop by our cc, where you can find that we are a tight knit, mature, group and we can't wait to get to know you too!


If you want to know more then you can find us at "gladz chat" fc


Feel free to add me in-game if you have any questions or concerns


GL in your clan hunt


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Hey Pretty


TBWOG is the clan you're looking for!

We are GMT-based and have quite some years of experience in PVP behind us so this also means we have a mature community like you're looking for. Wars are also mostly held in the Gamers Grotto like you ask, so that shouldn't be a problem either.


Hope to see you on our Forums and/or IRC so we can have a little chat!





Proud Leader and Founder of TBWOG





Important Infomation & Links:

TBWOG Forums - Click Here

TBWOG Memberlist - Click Here







The Brave Warriors Of Gaul (TBWOG or BWG for short) is a mainly GMT based Pking and Fun Clan, which is still being lead by the same leaders that founded the Clan back in August 2004: Godfried32 & BWG Enter. TBWOG then started out purely as a PK clan but, as any other clan that sticks around for several years, we were also submitted to the ever-changing clan world and the game Jagex provided us, so in 2007 we decided to add Fun Events because of the changes that were made to the Wilderness. Because of these choices we make, TBWOG has always been able to survive, with a grand history as a result and many more victorious years to come. That is why, after all these years, we are still standing tall and proud, united as one brutal force that will be remembered forever in the history of Runescape.


What defines TBWOG, is the fact that we have taken the necessary time to build out an indestructible family-based loyalty and honor which is burning in the hearts of each and every one of us. This, combined with the insatiable and overwhelming urge for blood and glorious victories, which is running through our very veins, has made us the unique and prestigious clan we are today.


Now that our 7th Anniversary is approaching swiftly and we thus are at the verge of becoming one of the oldest clans in Runescape, we feel like this should be the beginning of a new era for TBWOG. An era in which we want to explore the boundaries of Warring with a whole new generation of BWG-ers! So, to all warmongers out there who feel like they are up for a challenge, come and pay a visit to our Forums, IRC and CC and maybe you will find TBWOG to be that Family you have always been looking for!


Of course we have a huge experience concerning PK but since we also want gain more in-depth knowledge about the actual Warring aspect of the game, we are also recruiting a highly experienced Warlord and other Staff Ranks. These highly motivated people, we are looking for, must be capable and willing to make the necessary sacrifices and efforts that will further help us forming TBWOG to be that mysterious Runescape-Legend, we have always known it would be.






Here are a few pictures of our Clan in action (PK, Warring, Fun)


Old PK-ing:








New PK-ing:





































Maybe you will be in one of these as well in the future?!




Staff Ranks:


Leaders: Godfried32 & BWG Enter

Council: Armer King

Warrior Manager: Bergen102

Warlord: BWG Myrmidon



TBWOG is Recruiting!!!


If you are an honorable and loyal Warrior with a mature and friendly attitude who is looking for a place to call home, then dont seek any further, because youve found it. Stop hesitating and fill out your application, your BWG brothers are waiting for you!



Application process and Requirements:


After making your introduction and filling out the Warrior Application we prepared for you, everyone in the clan gets to decide whether you would be an asset to the clan or not. If you get accepted, you will have to succeed in your trial period before being allowed into the core of our Clan.

This is done via the Warrior-Rank during which you can attend to our events, post on our Forums and join our IRC-channel, just like you would do when you would be a Gallic Warrior (=Full Member).

If you can prove yourself worthy of TBWOG by meeting the necessary requirements and objectives by the end of your first month with us, or you get the necessary tokens (read our Clanrules page for more info on these) before that time, you can apply for the Gallic Warrior -rank and consider yourself one of us.



Warrior Requirements (= New Member):

110+ F2P Combat

Teamspeak 3 Client installed

Being able to use IRC-chat

10 Full F2P PVP sets of every style

Necessary Food + ammunition (arrows + runes)

2 Referrals


Gallic Warrior Requirements (= Full Member):

Been a successful Warrior (gathered min. 25 Tokens within your first month)

4 Referrals


If you do not have, or know how to get some of these listed. Please contact a Staff member of TBWOG, so they can help you out.



How to Join:


If you are interested in becoming a member of TBWOG, It would be best for you to follow the link to our Forums, where you should register under your Runescape nickname. Once you have your own account and youre up for the challenge, you can find the Introduction and Warrior Application form in the pinned topics of the respective forum sections.

Copy the code you find in there and paste it into a new topic, which will become your very own Introduction and Application Form after filling out the questions. After this, just try to join our IRC channel as much as possible so you get familiar with your future family and wait for the BWG-ers to accept your application and the Warrior Manager to process it.


Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!







|| TBWOG Forums || TBWOG Member List || TBWOG IRC ||




Proud Leader and Founder of TBWOG



|| TBWOG Forums || TBWOG Member List || TBWOG IRC ||

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.:: | Quick Links | ::.

How to Join | Forums | Calendar | Runehead



.:: | crossedswords.png Introduction crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | About TRR | ::.

TRR is a very unique clan, with a strong focus on community. Everyone is accepted and welcomed into the family, no matter how new to RuneScape or clans they may be. The main goal of TRR is to provide a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable environment in which all players can enjoy the game in the company of others. After all, isn't the whole point of RuneScape to have fun?


By now I'm sure you've noticed we have no combat level requirements, right? If you're wondering why a clan would do such a thing, it's really rather simple. Our clan believes things like activity, personality, attitude, and loyalty are all more important than how many hours someone has played RuneScape. Many people believe having no requirements is one reason why our community has blossomed. After all, every member is treated as an equal regardless of their experience in clans or RS. We help each other out, whether it be in RS or giving advice for real life situations.



.:: | crossedswords.png Key Information crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Primary Time Zones | ::.

GMT | Atlantic | Eastern | Central | Mountain | Pacific

We have members from all over the world, and take pride in our diversity.


.:: | Clan Leaders | ::.




.:: | Home Worlds | ::.

P2P: 64 | F2P: 93


.:: | IRC Channel | ::.



.:: | War Record | ::.

[ 19 - 7 - 0 ]


.:: | Base Types | ::.

F2P and P2P


.:: | Clan Chat | ::.




.:: | crossedswords.png What We Offer crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Professional and Understanding Staff | ::.

The only reason we have clan officials is to keep the clan running smoothly.

Clan Leaders and Council Members exist solely to help you achieve the best clan experience possible; they aren't around to flaunt their power and show off the ban-hammer.

If you ever have a problem with a clan member or an official, the dispute will be settled swiftly and in a fair manner.


.:: | Top of the Line Experiences | ::.

Thanks to our community, TRR is able to offer several advantages that very few other clans are able to provide.

We boast paid IPB 3 forums, Ventrilo, an independent website, and even an official 24/7 clan radio!


.:: | A Spectacular Community | ::.

TRR boasts one of the largest and most welcoming communities in RuneScape.

Whether you enjoy browsing forums, talking about RuneScape in clan chats, or discussing aspects of clanning with officials in IRC, you can be sure that there will always be someone willing to carry on conversation in TRR!

We also offer VoIP communication with Ventrilo, something many clans don't offer.


.:: | A Variety of Events | ::.

Do you rarely see clans host your favorite events? Don't worry! In TRR, all members are able to host their own events.

Our clan puts its members first, and everyone is heard no matter how new you are or what your combat level may be.

As a result, we boast what's probably the largest variety of events ever hosted by a clan.



.:: | crossedswords.png What We Ask Of You crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Clan Chat Activity | ::.

It might seem silly, I know; but you would be amazed at how many people join and then complain that they didn't ever know when an event was taking place.

To prevent that and to get to know other members of the clan, staying active in our in-game clan chat is a must.

Our clan chat is 'Therebelz', and members are expected to be in it whenever they're on RuneScape.

You are allowed to leave the chat in certain situations (e.g. checking up on a merchant chat, moving chats for an event, etc), but generally you should be in the clan chat while on RuneScape.


.:: | Forum Activity | ::.

As a member of TRR, it is your responsibility to periodically check up on the clan forums.

This is important for many reasons, the least of which is so you can stay updated on clan news and important announcements.

Many members choose to bookmark the forums - Forum Index - and simply check up on them quickly before or after logging into RuneScape.

Posting on the forums is a necessary part of becoming involved with our clans community, and promotions are often based on how active clan members are on the forums.


.:: | Respect | ::.

Clan officials and clan members are participating in TRR for their own enjoyment, thus we ask all members to show respect towards our staff and other members.



.:: | crossedswords.png Clan Media crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Videos | ::.



.:: | Pictures | ::.




.:: | crossedswords.png Frequently Asked Questions crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | How Do You Join? | ::.

We have an extremely fast and painless process for applicants.

Click Here For Directions!


.:: | Can I Join The Forums Without A RuneScape Account? | ::.

Of course, just follow the directions posted above and explain your situation. We'll welcome you into our community!


.:: | Aren't There A Lot Of "Noobs"? | ::.

Actually, our message has attracted a GREAT deal of experienced RS players. People that like to do more demanding events such as God Wars shouldn't have a problem finding others to play with.


.:: | I Have A Few More Questions... | ::.

Feel free to visit our forum and post any remaining questions you may have in the Guest Forum.






Thanks for considering TRR, we hope to see you soon!




I piety the fool.

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