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Making a comback? Anything I should know?


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I think I may be coming back to RS.

I luckily sold all of my items(big items, not absolutely everything) and so I have my cashpile.

Has anything really changed in the last 6 months that I should know about when buying armor/weapons/etc back?

All I do is slay pretty much and I do some bossing aswell.


If you can, please point me in the right direction if needed.



Bee :thumbsup:


99 Range 9/13/09

99 Defence 5/29/10

99 HP 7/20/10

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the boss Nex was added, dropping items only for the uber rich (torva, pernix, virtus if you're curious). I'd still suggest barrows/bandos for slayer. I personally prefer barrows to bandos because I value defence more than a strength bonus, but that's just me.


Get chaotics if you haven't already (: totally worth it

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Secure your account, don't trust anybody, don't login with facebook, install MSE antivirus and malwarebytes.

My lame drops:
6 Effigys
1 D Med - 1 D Dagger
1 Verac's Helmet - 1 Guthan's Platebody

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