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Divine skillers!

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Hello there,


When you clicked this thread, you probably expected to bump in another advertisement thread with a Skilling clan bragging about themselves and saying they offer a nice and friendly skilling environment. Only this last thing applies to us, but wait... Not only do a we offer what you deserve, we have much more in store than the average skilling clan!



A little bit of history:


The Divine Skillers clan was founded on 8th June 2011 by Adam Hidius and Inb4maxed. Within a week time, we had more than 35 members with an average Overall level of over 2,300! We initially thought this average would drop, but no, not at all! 1 month after that, the clan counted a good 55-60 members and we still had around the same average Overall. But all of that... was just a... start! The Jagex Skilling Clan Cup 2011 started in August while our clan was not even 2 months old. By winning the Agility skill with an amazing average of 72.8k xp/h we immediately showed our competitors what we're capable of. Even though we “only” ended 4th in P2P division, we did very well for a clan that was not even 2 months old at the start of the competition, don't you think so?



All of us are positive that we can win next year, we have everything we need: the knowledge of all the best methods, major support, great leadership, but... there's 1 thing we don't have... you! In order to become the best skilling clan in RuneScape, we need more good skillers. Don't worry if you don't think you're good enough. First of all, we don't only care about competition (see below), but we can also teach all of you the best and most secret skilling methods so that, 1 day, you'll become more than just a skiller, a Divine Skiller!


Fear not if you don't like competition at all, for we have much more to offer! Skilling wars and competitions always are optional. Aside from these features, the Divine Skillers offer a mature skilling environment in which respect and loyalty are just a few of the key words. We strive to make our clan as qualityful as possible by dealing with insulting trolls and fighting all the evil within a rulebreaker. Clan events therefore always are very nice to attend. Even though they're not compulsory, clan events are a great opportunity to connect with other members in order to form a tight skilling community.


I said we have more to offer than the average clan, it's time to prove that now! On top of everything mentioned so far, we offer you daily news, the opportunity to make your voice heard in clan desicions, full support for your skilling adventure, a professional and helpful community to assist you in all your needs, a very exciting optional challenges system that will keep you entertained in a fun, yet professional skilling way and a very nicely organised official clan site in which much more is waiting for you to be discovered!


We do believe that even the skiller with the lowest self-esteem and motivation can be turned into a driven and efficient skiller with everything we have to offer. The only thing that might keep you away from a nice relationship with the Divine Skillers clan, are the requirements! You must meet the following requirements at the moment of your application creation or you will not be able to join us in this very exciting skilling adventure.








-2,000+ Overall

-You must be a RuneScape member when you apply

-You must agree on our rules, mentioned on the official Divine Skillers site


Fear not if you do not meet the requirements, for we have a very nice alternative! As long as you do not meet the requirements, you can still visit and make use of our forums as a guest. Of course fewer forums will be available, but there will still be plenty of stuff you'd want to take a look at (details about the site are mentioned later in the thread).






So... who are we at this very moment?


This is something you may want to know before joining. Just take a look at the following statistics and you'll see that we really are a very professional skilling clan!


-Current amount of members (updated weekly): 72

-Current average Overall level (updated weekly): 2,326


-With a whole lot of members having 2,496 Overall and with the presence of the absolute Overall rank 1 of the level 3 skillers, we'd be happy to welcome new skilling talents.


-With members of all ages, ranging between 15 and 50 years old, from all timezones in the world, you can be sure to make new friends that will be glad to assist you whenever you need it and they could become your very best friends.


-Our homeworld is 131 and our nicely upgraded Citadel is just one of the many reasons why you should be a part of this skilling community.


-As mentioned before, our clan is a mixture of efficient skillers and general members that prefer the social part over the competitive part and guess what... That's completely fine for us as it makes us a very qualityful clan!


-Even though the Divine Skillers clan only have an average Overall of 2,326, we do have 16 members with an Overall level of 2,475 or higher!


-We currently have 3 leaders and 10 additonal staff members who can help you at any time.






How to join/contact us:


-Visit the Divine Skillers site (click), register by following the instructions and start your adventure!


-Join our ingame clan chat (NOT friend chat!), called “Divine Skillers”.


IMPORTANT: If you join the clan chat and want to apply, please clearly state that you have found this clan via the Tip.It forums as some clan members may assume that you have already visited the site!!!


-Pm me or Pm any of the following persons ingame:


*Adam Hidius






*Lars deLux




*Adam Rexic



-We also have an Internet Relay Channel (IRC), called #ds.



You've now reached the end of this thread. I hope we've made a good impression to you and we're looking forward to seeing you introduce yourself on our site. Please keep in mind that you CANNOT apply here. All applications are to be posted on our official site and templates + all other necessary information (rules, ranks, etc) can be found there as well.


For now, please visit our clan chat “Divine Skillers” and give yourself plenty of time to make such an important decision. We'd really like you to be a part of our mini-community, but we understand that this is a big decision to make for you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here and we guarantee a reply.



Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to seeing you either ingame or on our site,




~Divine Skillers Applicant Manager

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Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself please...my name is Rick aka Adam Hidius on RS. Some of you have seen me before on here as a leader of Divination. Well I left that clan and founded my own clan. This clan is called Divine Skillers!


We founded it on June 8th 2011. This new skill clan is composed of high lvl skillers who either want to max out or is already maxed out. We host clans events east week and also skill wars. We offer a safe and secure clan forum Divine Skillers.


I bring over 4 years of clan leadership into Divine Skillers. I helped my lasy clan win 2 Jagex Skill Cups with some really legendary skillers. I want to combine that experience with a more mature and serious approach to skill clans. There's always going to be fun with so many people in our clan from all over the


world but with a higher behavior standard but with preserving all the fun.


Take Care and have fun skilling everyone.


Leader of Divine Skillers, a Skilling Revolution!




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First post updated, new format! :)

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Moved your topic to a more appropriate subforum. If you believe I have made an error, feel free to PM me.


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