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TKO Blitz Vs Critical Damage & Pure Hatred

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~ Topic by Fast993



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TKO Blitz -vs- Critical Damage


30 Minute Cap Clan Wars Run-In

All Styles

Corrupt OFF

Dung OFF

Rings ON





The numbers were even at the beginning, but our superior levels shone through during the fight. We were able to finish off piles far quicker than CD were able to thanks to numbers and levels, which resulted in a comfortable win. Thanks for the fight CD, it was a pleasure and you have some great tanks despite the low levels.






TKO Blitz -vs- Pure Hatred


60 Minute Cap PvP PKRI

All Styles

Spiders to East Tree

Corrupt OFF

Dung OFF

Rings ON

3 Sniper Cap



TKO Blitz: 75 Options



Pure Hatred: ~66 Options

(No picture, sorry.)


We rushed Pure Hatred at spider hill and the fight was quite even for the first few piles. Both sides had decent KO power and were transitioning well. Our options began to make an impact a few minutes in, resulting in us maintaining KO power while PH lost it. At this point, we took control and continuously rushed PH's pile while clearing their few snipers every so often. After finding PH south of spiders after a couple minutes of walking around, we compared ending options.



TKO Blitz: Immediate - 90 Options | Full - 96 Options



Pure Hatred: Immediate - 72 Options (64 with a couple spread) | Full - 84 Options



Random Pictures














  • Critical Damage for stepping up and fighting us.
  • Too for being an idiot.
  • Pure Hatred for the fun fight, I apologize for certain TKO members misbehaving.
  • Deadly_Orb for hardcore flaming me, thinking I was Fast99three (who is in PH).
  • Beyblade for being hated by everyone, including his own clan. (See above.)
  • Kjell for accidentally sending me [bleep] instead of a picture of the fight.
  • All TKO Blitz that were in attendance/called/sent me pictures, keep it up.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?


appmanagercrown.pngTKO Blitz Member | bluepd5.gifEx-Tempted Killers Council

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Good job TKO ! ;)

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