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TKO Blitz Vs Team Extermination

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~ Topic by Mike^ (Michele ac)





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TKO Blitz -vs- Team Extermination




1 Hour Cap Clan Wars Run-In

Melee + Binds + Ranged

Corrupt OFF

Dung ON

Rings ON


Knowing that we were gonna be outnumbered we entered the portal and got ready:






Seeing that we were getting outnumbered by 14 people we knew that the numbers wouldn't hold us back

The start was pretty even after the first 8-9 piles we took a small lead and extending the gap for the majority of the fight






Team ext were catching up and were down by 8 kills after a few shaky piles we took the lead again and we kept it the entire war.

The lead kept on growing to a 41 kill difference.















-All Tko members for being there and performing

-Waldo for giving us a fun time on TS

-B289's VoiceCrack

-Ext for The fight :wub:

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?


appmanagercrown.pngTKO Blitz Member | bluepd5.gifEx-Tempted Killers Council

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Grats TKO!

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Nice work TKO, looks like you performed well judging by the kills. :thumbup:


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