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Cartoon Crab 6 Leg walk Deep Underwater 3D Animation


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Yay, finally someone else that uses Blender! Nice animation, but there are some problems:


1. From what I can see, it's a walk cycle following a path, and there's nothing wrong with that- But it's a starting point. You need to add some variation.

2. Related to #1, the body stays completely still relative to the ground for the whole animation. Think about how the body would sort of float and bob around as the crab moves.

3. Also think about what it would actually look like for the crab to climb over the edge of those hole things.


But overall, nice work.


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And crabs scuttle sideways ;)

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Thanks for comments. Crabs are waling and running sideways as suggested.

They are playing. Background is to be changed and little. I am working on a Crab and Fish Story. Every thing will be in Blender.


Please watch this walk and Run in HD


Watch my 3D Animations here My 3D Videos

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Damn, that's real good.


The two crabs that aren't running around like crazy do seem to have the same hand/claw movement though.



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Hahahaha side comment - You made an account here just to post in the gallery? Hahaha well looks good ^^

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Aside from some sudden snapping movements in claw rotation (which the IPO/graph editor could help you fix), this is pretty good :)


I'm curious - how did you animate the lively corals and plants in the background? Did you use armatures, shapekeys, lattices, hooks, or something else?

Good luck with your project :grin:


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Top FLowing Water= Texture Animation

Standing Plants = Armature Animation

Down Plant=Shape Key

I am working on a cartoon story in that I will put some stuff floating in the water.


Thanks for the comments.

Watch my 3D Animations here My 3D Videos

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