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This is the newly opened Runescape Community, that invites Any and all people to our community. If you please would idle in #Graphics in IRC it would be very much appreciated.


All Credits go to Micheal


Okay he will now be making pretty much anything that has to do with GFX. Signature is probably what he will be making the most because its popularity.


He has been working with Adobe Photoshop Series for about 4 years now and have developed some skill i currently have the full adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Version.


Please join the IRC channel #Graphics if you want a sig



















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Removed sentence about selling #star_in_the_sky
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Can I sell Images/Signatures/Avatars/Items for rs gp?

No, Selling Signatures/Avatars etc. for RuneScape items/money is not permitted and is against Jagex Rules.


And I don't mean to sound rude, but those banners and hideous.

My relaxation method involves a bottle of lotion, beautiful women, and partial nudity. Yes I get massages.



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Step back your contrast like 100%, you're going to destroy someones eyesight with how contrasted those things are.


The 2nd sig is almost pretty cool but I think the guy just thrown in their ruins the flow. Everything else is just stupidly over-contrasted for no reason and the Runescape banners especially are very poor.




I would also work on your typography. You don't always need to overlay your font with a stroke on it. Most of the time it looks kind of ugly and amaturish.

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I actually like the Team Blackup banner.


But yes, to improve your work in the future, consider making them more readable and use less effects. Effects are useful, but too many create problems.


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