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I don't know anything about uzis so I can't really comment on the accuracy, but it certainly does look good :P

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1.Just a hint, but the silencer on the uzi is wrong calibre. I don't even think a silencer exists in that calibre since it's huge.

Remember an UZI fires off 9mm bullets so the inner tube of the silencer can't be a big hole like yours.

It should be in proportion and have the same diameter as a 9mm bullet with a lil space ofc or the bullet would get stuck.

2.Another remark about the uzi: there's no button to release the clip. It's normally just above the handle on the left side, so you can easily press it with your right thumb while switching clips with the left hand. Strongest hand never leaves the handle :)


Nice work btw. I love weapons, and they look fine imo!

(Been in the military for 6 years and I'm a weapons freak, so this is accurate info ;) )

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Wow, these all look great! I can't comment on any faults because I can't see any!


What program did you use to make these?

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