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Need some advice for pking

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Alright so my main profile has these stats for cb, I'm wondering if its too late to salvage it so I can do pking in f2p




Attack - 70

Defence - 62

Strength - 72


Ranged - 70

Magic - 54

Prayer - 45


I will be pking using MELEE, not ranged

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70 defence, 90+ str and use dharoks/whip. Try to get venge and do some quests for barrows gloves? You have lots of options you could go with turmoil, or 80 attack and chaotic. It's all up to you.

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Honestly on a normal day like 5-15? It depends on how long you pk, and I members pk which means every fight tends to end in SOMEONE dieing so maybe I get more than normal. Either way, no kills in 2 days is unacceptable, you need to re-think your technique.

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