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So I have a minor question to ask, and it relates to my working out. I do bicep curls with an E-Z bar, and my arms burn after doing my bicep curls with them, but they're not sore the following morning, so im not sure if that means its not working? I'd appreciate if someone could clear up, thanks in advance.

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Are your arms still connected with your body? If yes, you're not working hard enough.


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I do the exact same curls and I get sore the following day at times. I don't think you're supposed to feel a burn... just the feeling but having no more force in your arms so you have to stop. I'm guessing you're doing too many reps with too little weight and that you should try heavier lifts with less reps (until you can't do anymore generally).


There's also the factor that you may just be used to working out your biceps and they may never feel sore again until you take a 6 month gym hiatus or something. I know that when I push my body to the limits at the gym I don't get sore nowadays (around 24 months since I started) yet if I simply break a sweat while snowboarding my body is in shambles the next morning (different muscles plus long break between spring and winter).

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Also try to brace yourself in some way so you aren't using your chest/back to help lift. Using an actual curl bench (i think that's what it's called) is best but short of that stand against a wall or lean over an armchair.

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If you're getting stronger each week, it's working.


I used to do:

1. Curl 40 lbs x12

2. Curl 50 lbs x9

3. Curl 60 lbs x6

4. Curl 70 lbs x3+


When I could curl 70 lbs 6+ times, I moved up the base weight so the next time I did curls, it looked like:

1. Curl 50 lbs x12

2. Curl 60 lbs x9

3. Curl 70 lbs x6

4. Curl 80 lbs x3


And I just kept progressing that way.


Oddly, my biceps never really hurt the next day. However, my forearms would be incredibly sore almost 24/7. After several months of curling w/ the EZ bar, my forearms finally quit hurting. I guess I finally built up enough bone density in my forearms. It's a pain in the ass having to let go of the bar very slowly and having your hands shake uncontrollably from having dainty forearms hahaha


I've never really been a fan of bicep workouts though. I only do them to complement my back workout. Biceps are for show, triceps are for go :P


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Soreness is not an indicator of growth. Try to get stronger on the majour compounds, isolations like curls will take longer due to the single muscle working, size will come with time. Keep eating and lifting.

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