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Your current clan and things you enjoy


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Before you post, actually think carefully.

This isn't one topic where you should just suck up to ranks for doing an amazing job leading the clan! But you can include that if you wish.

To put it simply, what aspects do you admire and respect about your own clan. Possibly even relevant to reasons why you may have joined/rejoined. (In my case. :P)


To begin with, to set a post example:


I joined Solace back in 2009 when Genesis Knights just closed. I suppose I took a time before joining, as Genesis Knights closed about October and I joined Solace late November. The clan was only pulling about 20-30 people at the time (actually, believe it was 20-25) in which our base was still building. I was more of a lurker then, only coming on TeamSpeak 3 for fights and sometimes to see who is on. It wasn't until I was kicked for inactivity that I realized, I need to step my socializing skills up (along with activity) in Solace if I planned on rejoining. So I took a week or more off from clanning.


When I rejoined, I immediately set myself a goal to get into playing RuneScape and for a few months I became more active in TeamSpeak. I got to know Ghetto more and even Dan (Zhandaly) with others. During this time I stepped up in the Summer and was MotM of July, along with Trial General and though I did not get it, it did not disappoint me. I was continously proving myself better for the clan. In the end I suppose I made a mistake but I am going to prove myself once more despite making that mistake. (If you want to know, just pm me, if you can't tell just know I rejoined and am FA. :P)


So what's your clan like? What sprung you into your clan and what do you enjoy about it, or past memories you enjoyed? I love reading, call me a nerd, but I like to read how others integrated into their own clan. Include your team if you want, I left out TKO Blitz because it would be too long.


Finally, apologies on the wall of texts.


tl;dr: Tell us about your time spent in your clan; we all have memories. Share yours. (Pictures are ok but I'm more into reading your time spent.) :)


Thanks for reading/posting, haven't made a topic in ages on this forum lol.


Retired Member of TKO Blitz

Retired Member of Octane

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The thing I admire about my own clan is it's amazing story of how we got to where we are today. Though I wasn't apart of it from the beginning I've watched Downfall grow and develop and I saw the potential and ended up joining. There are few clans that can open and become a solid mid sized clan. We were built mainly as a cwa clan, low lvld. I remember watching Downfall raise their combat and working hard. We're pretty much the only clan that has shown great success going from a pure cwa clan to pvp run ins.


Dan is open for suggestions if you talk to him one on one and will actually act upon your suggestions if he likes it. I have tons of respect for Dan because he's always been dedicated to Downfall and will never leave downfall.


As for our community we like to do dumb stuff mess around on tinychat late night pk trips make up silly teams (team dan team everton team tim team giraffe) and fight each other lol. We've had two interwars that lasted way longer than they needed to lol but we have fun with it.


We also like to mix it up with fun unique events such as man hunt.


Overall / tl;dr I admire and respect Downfall's work ethic and desire to improve, while maintaining fun and not taking things too serious after all this is a game that many come on to enjoy after work and school.


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I joined PH back in late 2008. I've stuck through our days as a dominant CC team and watched us grow into a pretty solid Mid sized clan. It's incredibly satisfying watching your clan evolve and grow like that and after going up through our ranks pretty quickly it's something I've got a lot of pride invested into.


The only reason I've stuck around in PH is due to the laid back atmosphere and the way the officials all join together to get things done, we went through a hell of a lot to change our image after all the crashing and other crap we did as a CC team and I wouldn't change a second of it.


On a side note I heard DK just reopened, It's going to be an entertaining summer :twisted: :twisted: \:D/



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I'm not currently in a clan so I'll base it on my last clan Divine Forces.


I joined DF shortly after SE closed in 2009. I was there during the hard times when we were just pulling 60-70 to week preps. I watched us improve and fall again. It was frustrating, but I didn't mind. I remember before a year I was given Council. Definitely a change of pace for me. Now I didn't just attend the events, I helped organize them and clan policy along with the other officials.


I remember the rivalries as well. The rivalries were bittersweet. It was originally VR, since I joined during the crash war. Then it moved onto clans such as EoS and Corr. It's amazing to see how fast clan relations change. Over a long period of time, with time and rune sets lost I can honestly say I had a blast there. DF is a unique clan to be in with a unique community.


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Been there through our journey from 141 to PvP Clan, whole thing has been a blast. Honestly i can say no clan has achieved what our clan has so far, you don't see any clans from 141 PvPing or in the Top 20. PH comes in close from the open cc to clan, but they did start in pvp. Not as a 75+ 141 Clan. I mean when i first joined there were no applications, and our first forums were hosted by muux.org.


Thing i love about Downfall, is not giving a [cabbage] of what other people say, or thing of us. We are who we are, and don't care if you don't like that. Also like our community, one second we'll be raging at each other then best friends. Most of us don't let little things become big things.

http://rs-downfall.com Join the Community, if you're already in a clan register and become a clan friend!

Downfall Since September 6, 2008

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Even if I butt heads with Gene constantly I've always respected the fact that WG has always been different. We don't follow every trend that comes through and aren't afraid to forge our own path. We haven't let other clans intimidate us or force us to do anything. We've survived through more years than most clans now and will (hopefully) continue on for much more. I don't think I'd be able to find another community like WG's.


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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I joined TT july 24th 2010, and really fell in love with the community. There were a few jerks (including my mentor at the time) but for the most part just hanging out on ts and going dk hunting (pretty much all we did at that time) really got me to continue in TT. As I progressed through my FA process I got known for being a dedicated blaster, and I specifically remember a fight against RSD in which one of our callers was like "damn look at drinkndrive still blasting." Fights are always fun, especially when callers do stupid crap or bishinmo really wants to beat a clan as he goes crazy. Time passed and I got 3rd in the awards for best blaster and I won the poorest titan award. Overall its just a great atmosphere as long as you find the right crowd

EX-Tempted Killers FA Manager


EX-Lethality Warlord

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