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Finally got around to downloading firefox and leaving IE - I can't believe it has taken me so long. Anyway what are some useful addons? Any that speed up the browser?

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I like tab mix plus for storing tabs between sessions

InvisibleHand is useful for shopping and improving all the time (checks a lot of major shopping sites and offers a banner saying "this is best price" or this "cvan be found cheaper at x")

I like download Status bar too, overrides the usual download pop-up window with a tidy bar at the bottom of the screen so you an browse and keep an eye on downloads

adblock plus is a god send.


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Adblock plus all the way.

Fastest fox is good. it's quite hard to explain but have a look at it and you'll see. helps quite a lot, but seems to be a tad buggy.





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ImgLikeOpera - lets you block image loading and right-click load only the ones you want to see. Great for forums where people get sig and avatar happy.

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What I use:



Adblock Plus

ChatZilla (IRC client)

download statusbar

fire.fm (last.fm 'client')

Firefox Sync (sync settings between firefoxes on diff comps)





URL Fixer

URL Tooltip

Yet Another Smooth Scrolling

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