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you know you are addicted to rs when...

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    Unicorn Horn

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When you go fishing and can't find the fishing spots ( you know what i mean guys the ones that sparkle ).

Let's not mention when you find yourself almost saying lol and atm ( even though i barely use that ) to people, but then again i can blame this on texting too. O.O.

By the way awesome topic!
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    Goblin Armour

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You know you're addicted to runescape when..

you think you can carry a extremely heavy sword

in your hands, and go round massacring people

shouting "Get over it, pixel hugger!" :P

I left my wife for a level 59 tank mage

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    Goblin Armour

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You know you are adicted to runescape when you have god armour,over 100k,A rune weapon,over 800 total, 70+ combat,and a list of all of those things on one of three forums you are signed up for. Yes I have all of these things and more.
In fact, I do have some pancake mix.
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    Scorpion Pit

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You know you are addicted to Runescape when you skip2scape. :<img src=:' />

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    Unicorn Horn

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you go to a medieval history museum and shout MSSW!

you think the High Court can sell you law runes

you massacre a kid's party for the party hats

someone at school asks you your favourite subject and you say magic

you pay for wow to find more people that play runescape

you go to the president and ask for an anti-dragon shield

you are kicked out of a party and shout n33bz u cant close door no more!

you go to a party and say who put in the p hats

someone doesn't believe you got an A for english and you say My English level is 90.

you expect to pass gym because you can hit 32 on the headmaster

you throw away your cellphone because they've just release clan chat

you break your leg and commit suicide to heal yourself

you ask your doctor for some lobbies

you hit a rock ten million times and say wtf why isnt my mining going up

you wait 15 mins, bury a bone, and say z0mg weres my random!?!?!1

you don't go to church because you have full prayer points

you go to church and ask if you can bury bones in front of the altar

you go to stonehenge with a tiara with a dot in the middle, and a bag of stones

you tell your friends that you got a physics skillcape yesterday

your reading harry potter and say "ur a mem!?" when he goes to herbology

you go to the supermarket and pay in gold

you take a picture of a shark to put in your blog

your friend asks what the time is and you say GMT+1

Posted ImageNo, THAT's what she said.

Wanna know how to keep an idiot busy? Read below.
Wanna know how to keep an idiot busy? Read above.


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