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The Rising -vs- Corruption


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2 hour Pkri - 3-5pm EST | 8-10pm GMT

Spiders -> Gdz bounds

Sniper cap of 15


The Rising Starting - ~190/200



Corruption Starting -

(22:03:09) <Jay_Jay665> we started with like 55 (165?)


The fight started out in TR's favour with the numerical difference. We sent our snipers off the mark and managed to maintain a strong main pile. At around the 30minute mark Cor snipers got hit by a clan and asked for no sniping for the rest of the fight so we unwillingly agreed.


With no snipers we had about ~210 ops on the main pile to play with. At around the 90minute mark CD came to hit us with their troop of about 20 clanchat warriors hitting our returners. We kept clearing CD (which corruption let us do) but eventually there was 2 minutes left and we needed to keep hitting corruption while getting hit and blocked from returning by CD.


At 10pm GMT both clans took ending.


The Rising Ending - ~180+



Corruption Ending - ~170



I think it's safe to say without CD we'd have ended with over 180 as they kept our returners at mossies.. (idiots)



All The Rising for the amazing performance

Corruption for the exceptional as always fight

CD for mega lols


If any NBK read these boards, I still love you.



Both clans we're hit by [cabbage] randoms so this has no accuracy.




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Was fun, three kills and two deaths. Both times I got ko'd because I stopped to type a reply to useless Sander. hash.png








Thanks for the fight CORR.


"Being a part of something special makes you special."

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Looked close, great job TR!

Genesis Leader

Ending Templar & Trial Caller of The Rising

Ex-Leader of Silent Ember - Ex-Leader of True Ownage - Ex-Leader of Legendz

Former Tip.It Clan Community Leader

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L0l0l. I've been staring on Emma for so long now


OT: Tried to make the ending, but obviously I didn't. GJ TR, and good Fight Corr.



|| The Rising Elder - TR since Sep `07 ||

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Seen lots of crashers when we walked by, including a load of Vr members. Unfortunate =\


Three parts fool, One part brave, Forever Atrocious

126 F2P/138 P2P

|~|Interested in joining RSD?|~|appmanagerco7.png|~|Questions/Concerns? PM Me|~|


~Elven Gaurd | Pat

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