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Just got 99 attack today... Looking at getting a primal weapon. I'm 80 dg, Is rapier my best option?


Also whats the best method for me to get one?


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To be honest it would be best to stick with a promethium 2h.

However if you really want to use a primal weapon then use the rapier.

I think you get it from Har'lakk so just do a 5-5 large on the floors that he could be the boss on.


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Primal Battleaxe is far better than others, stick with Promethium 2h till you get 89 dungeoneering.

do you solo?

It sounds like you might.

I assume you don't have a csb due to 65 runecrafting


if you don't have a csb, and you solo, you'll probably want the prom 2h for the extra accuracy on monsters you should otherwise be maging.

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