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Slayer without Cannon

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So I'm training slayer, with my only goal in mind 96 summoning, 99 defense and effigy's. I need to know what the best tasks are to block for maximum meleeable experience and task effciency. I do NOT want to use a cannon, because I do not value range experience past 99 and I find it a waste of money. Currently all I have blocked is kalphites and bloodvelds, what else would be best to block and skip? Slayer level is 90.


Edit: I realize using a cannon would probably increase my effigy rate and charm rate, but I just don't want the range experience when I could be maxing melees. Unless there is a LARGE difference I will not considering a cannon. I still do dag tasks and the like, just in chaos tunnels.



what i'm doing now:


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For fast charms you want waterfiends, wyverns, all kinds of dragons, black demons etcetera. The fastest tasks without a cannon are Kuradal's tasks and things like nechs which you can use familiars against. If you want faster effigies and xp without a cannon your probably shouldn't do dagganoth but instead do dust devils and greater demons.


That being said, I would recommend using a task list like this one, and just take the ranged xp. Even if you value ranged xp at 0, it's still worth cannoning.

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