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Multitasking Skills-Con, Wc, Fm, Magic

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Multi-part question, summary at end.




1. I'm looking to level up woodcutting from 90-99, using an Inferno Adze, and figured Mahogany logs would be best as I could use them for Construction. The plan is to cut roughly ~60k Mahogany logs, with roughly ~20k burned from the Adze's effect leaving 40k Mahogany logs usable to raise construction to 91, as well as a hefty chunk of firemaking xp for another 99. Magic experience is irrelevant as I have 99.


Now to either


1. Run 40k Mahogany logs to the sawmill to make planks, unaware of rate of plank making.


1,500 x 40,000 = 60,000,000 coins





2. Cast Plank Make 40k times


40k natures @ 135 = 5,400,000 coins

80k astrals @ 106 = 8,480,000 coins

+ 1,050 x 40,000= 42,000,000 coins


Total: 55,880,000 coins


Time invested in either method of creating planks could arguably be roughly ~22 hours casting plank make in presumably constant conditions of 1,850 planks/hr, disregarding anomalies completely.


Completing this daunting task seems like a huge investment in time which I question would better be spent making money to invest in other skills to later fund unnecessary levels such as Construction.


2. If it is a feasible task, would Ape Atoll using deposit boxes or Jungle Cleanup minigame be a better choice for mahogany? If so, what are the rough xp/hr doing so?


3. Is the opportunity cost greater than the reward in training in this specific method? If so, would simply cutting ivy/arctic pine save more time for better money makers to simply buy the supplies for construction?





DIY Construction via mahogany, yes or no?


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I'm unsure of the rates of cutting the logs, but if its less than 1.5k an hour I can't imagine it being viable. Try it for a few hours, see what sorts of logs and experience you gain. Remember you can probably make in excess of 1m gp/hr and gain 90-100k woodcutting exp/hr with sawmill training.




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Better to train woodcutting at teaks and sell the logs + make more cash to buy planks, so my answer is no. I'd say oak dungeon doors, maybe teak wardrobes or mahogany tables depending on your income.

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Don't forget about special logs that give you a free inventory of planks.


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