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Idea for Jagex and Bots


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Alright well I don't play runescape anymore but I still like to keep up with it.

Recently everyone is just complaining about bots and how they're ruining the game. I guess I should say there are two kinds of bots.

-gold farmers which are the ones with granite plate d legs d med and such just killing random monsters and then there are players who bot.

There is a greater outbreak of gold farmer bots than there are players botting.

I figured that one of the best ways jagex could stop botting from goldfarmers is to get in contact to paypal and other money transferring sites.

I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post this but the company THS international is the company that gives the money to a player or recieves it when items are sold or bought.

I belive websites like "blank"4rs and other gold farming sites are connected with this.

I also did some research and found out that Wow gold farmers use THS international.

I figured if jagex could somehow tell payapl to not let THS transfer cash for "fake items" or a gift then this could really hurt the goldfarmers.

I know this kind of sounds all jumbled up I'm just not good with writing ideas.

But yeah I really think if jagex could somehow do something with paypal it could really help the game. Any thoughts?

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I seem to have to say it everytime, it's getting old.


As long as they are paying, Jagex doesn't care about botters. They have clearly demonstrated they care more about profits than a clean game. Please stop "coming up with ideas for jagex to stop botters." They could do it if they wanted to, but they don't care anymore.



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... I am done responding to these threads. Call it apathy if you like, but I am done making arguments for or against ways to end botting. Get rid of botting yes, but dont expect me to give two [cabbages] on how we do it.


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Um no. That's not gonna work; Paypal is a company that cares even less about bots in some internet Java game than Jagex does.


Hell, I know that they can't have so few people at Jagex that none of them have any idea about how to shut the botting problem down. They just don't care - sure, they'll keep doing little PR stunts like the bot hunts to have the more gullible people think they're doing something, but at the end of the day, they really don't care that much.

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So paypal is going to get rid of some of its customers so some online game can decrease the amount of bots?





You do realise that rwters have some of the highest charge-back rates, right?


That means it's actually worse for PayPal if they keep these RWTers as customers, right?

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