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Lvl 103 Lookin for Pest Control Clan

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Well Title says it all. My Rs name is DaSoothsayer. I"m going for 99 range and defense, so i'll be playing for a while. I'll be using melee with chins for overpopulated portals.


Uh I'm Central Time zone and work nights so my time frame is early morning mid afternoon.

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Give us a try!


To see our full recruitment topic please go to http://forum.tip.it/topic/287165-red-blade-hunters-90-great-wars-active-awesome-community/







We look forward to meeting you!

Please feel free to drop by our IRC channel (#rbh) and chat. You can also check out our boards at http://www.rs-rbh.com.

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im trying to make a new clan


im trying to make a clan and set rules and everything right now here is my forum


i just made it and im trying to update it and stuff the first few ppl that join can help me with it and found it

i will make u admin on there and we could all figure out the rules and requirements

my main thing is no PVP and i mainly want PVM and boss hunting and stuff

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