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Nomad ...

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Ok, so I'm currently killing the Decaying Avatar and since he manage to heal from 1/4 lp I now have time to ask some helping tips from you guys.

I could use some tips on how to beat nomad, don't have the patience to to for 10+ times like some guys i read about on some other threads.

need a good up to date way to deal with Nomad.


My stats:

90 Attack

92 Strength

91 Constitution

70 Prayer

87 Ranged

80 Magic

60 Summoning

65 Herblore (no extremes)




Edit: also 51 Dungeoneering so no chaotics and such.

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Range him, when your bob is out mess him up with a kaytt and scrolls. You can dodge most of his special attacks.

PM me in game anytime


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That's exactly what you're doing right now... just saying.


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Get 67 summoning for a war tortoise and use full Armadyl with a fury, ranger's boots, barrows gloves, rune crossbow, spectral/unholy book, alerter and ruby bolts. Load up the tortoise with brews and a kyatt pouch in the last space. Have your helmet charged with as many scrolls as possible as well. Have 1 super and 1 regular restore for every 7 brews and bgs to spec with. That means you have 5 super restore, 5 regular restore and 35 brews. Drink a dose of brew at the bank, then restore and drink super attack, super strength and range potion. Bank those 5 potions and withdraw the five brews you need. Run into the room, drop one potion, equip bgs and start the conversation, have the special activated. After the conversation use your special, equip crossbow and shield, pick up the one potion while attacking. Nomad will first drop his mines, keep attacking. Then he will fire his 750 attack, avoid that by standing behind a pillar. When he splits up, hide behind a pillar and heal to 1 brew above max health, then wait. Do not face them, it's a waste of resources. Take more brews out of your tortoise as needed, drop vials. When he teleports you and freezes you, fire another shot or two and brew to max health or more. After that the cycle start over. When you find the kyatt pouch your inventory, dismiss your empty tortoise and summon the kyatt. Set the left-click button to special move. When the clones disappear, attack Nomad and set the kyatt to attack as well. Use scrolls as much as possible.

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I've given this strategy to a few people this week, and it's what i used to beat him.

Use whatever your best ranging armor is, rune xbow and ruby bolts. Have a decent distribution of Sara brews and super restores, a bunch of kyatt scrolls in your inventory, as well as in your helmet. Start with the kyatt out, and the left click summon option on special attack. Once you start the fight just stand there, don't try to run around a dodge his attacks or anything, too much of a distraction, and moves you mouse too far from the brews. Spam the kyatt special attack, pray protect/deflect mage and piety or w/e range pray u have, or soul split/turmoil if you have them.

Using this strategy i had my best results with Nomad, granted I had to spend 2 months money making to get to 92 prayer for soul split, but that was just to ensure i didnt have to keep trying for that one lucky run.

If you have any questions or anything pm me in-game.






Quest cape first Achieved 29JAN2009, Re-Achieved 15SEP2011, Cook cape Achieved 12APR2009 (Easter 2009)

Strength Cape Achieved 20NOV2010

Now offering assists for 97 Farming, 97 Smithing, and 97 Herblore, PM me in-game!!!

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I beat him easily on the first try using a guide on this forum.


Seriously, Nomad is a piece of cake. Use the Pillar Method. I beat him with 88 Range, 86 Defense and 94 Constitution.


If you follow the guide carefully it is not EVEN a challenge. Just find it on the forum (might have even been in the quest guide?)


EDIT: Yes, the guide is actually IN the quest guide and not on the forums. Follow the instructions and it is seriously no problem.


Pay special attention the the last stage (Rapid melee attacks, 200+ dmg.) The "hit-and-run" tactic is VITAL. Also, make sure you use brews

to ABOVE YOUR MAX LP when he does the special attack that hits Max LP - 1.

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