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A few questions

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1. I am trying to reach 99 in all melee combat stats (Atk, Str, Def) and Range. My current exp values are:


Attack - 91 - 6,223,251

Strength - 96 - 10,692,629

Defense - 86 - 3,972,294

Ranged - 90 - 5,902,831


I want to be able to do Nex (& other GWD bosses.)


I have a Chaotic Longsword & would be training mainly on Slayer monsters. My question is, would it be more

time efficient to go back to Dungeoneering and get a Chaotic Rapier before attempting to get all my 99s?


I am roughly 18m experience from 99 in all melee skills. Assuming an average xp rate of 60k/hr, that is approximately 300 hours.

I am 166k tokens away from a Chaotic Rapier. Assuming 6k tokens per hour, that is around 28 hours of Dungeoneering.


Would it be better to get a Chaotic Crossbow in the same amount of time, to make my Ranged training faster? Would it be better to

get a Chaotic Maul for any reason? Would it be better just to train with my Chaotic Longsword?



2. My other goal is 95 Prayer. I am currently 40-50m away from the ~125m I need. I want to unlock Juju Hunter potions to increase my

profit from herb farming runs. My current Hunter level/xp is 65/496,254. What are the fastest training methods for me, disregarding every

other factor except MOST XP/hr? How many hours would it take for me to get to Lv74? Based on this, is it worth the time for me to raise my Hunter

level in order to get more money from herb runs? (I make avg 200k per herb run, other primary source of income is MTK and monster hunting.)



3. I know from past experience, before limits were removed from GE, that flipping can be the highest profit maker. I -really- want to get the money I need

for 95 Prayer. Are there any guides about flipping, possibly explaining how to make profit with the least amount of risk? Or how to pick good items to flip?

Are there any Merchanting clans that exist outside of RS clan chat (where 99% of them are scams)?


Thank you for your responses.

My greatest ambition is to kill every member of the human race.


However I am a realist and therefore know that I probably wont be able to.


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1. Assuming you use piety, extremes, etc. rapier will be 20k xp/hour faster, more or less. That's around 90k/hour with a cls and 110k with a rapier, assuming 70% accuracy. Of course, that's assuming you'll be in constant combat, so that number will be a bit lower, realistically. Idk how fast dunge is at your level, so I'll just go off what you said: 28 hours for a rapier. Since a rapier would save you 37 hours of slaying, it'd save 9 hours total. Also, ccbow isn't useful for training. Just chin nechs or something.


2. I hate hunter a lot, so I'm not up to date, but it's probably red salamanders. And you only technically need 68 hunter for jujus, since the spa in ooglog boosts +6. Not sure about the exact number since it's 4 am and I'm tired.


3. Try to find items that buy below med, and sell them for as high as you can. Can't say much more than that for obvious reasons.

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1. Yes its worth it to get a rapier, you also get nontrivial str exp while getting it so the time saved is more than 9 hours.


2. Red sallys. The catch rate is so slow at 68 using a boost it isn't worth it. Always use an arctic bear or your best hunter boosting familiar.


3. There's a great guide over on the forums that must not be named.

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If you use piety, potions but no cannon, slayer should average more like 100k xp/hr with whip+cls or rapier. And dungeoneering should average 100k xp/hr at least as well.


Get the rapier, it's the best weapon for many many things. Don't forget you won't only be using it to max melees, but also after that.

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