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The Rising -vs- Silent Ember


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Few days ago we contacted SE for a fight with the following rules:

1 hour clan wars run-in | 3.30 - 4.30pm EST

All styles

Dung - Corr - Sniping OFF


Startings -



Unfortunately SE's pull wasn't a good one and we were able to stick to a confident lead.


After around 10-15minutes we let new people and unofficial callers lead for some practise which was fun and exciting to hear new voices (kudos for that)


Endings -




All those new callers today :wub:

SE for the fun, clean fight.

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We lost too many due to T0+DG having an event. Not to mention we did awful. We got dragged everywhere by 70% of our piles, you just humiliated us. Thanks for the fight, hope to do it on even numbers eventually again.

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