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Favorite Quest


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Swan Song was cool. I liked Monkey Madness too though. Swan Song is my favorite though because it's short, I got decent rewards for my time and I got to kill trolls. ^^

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Gotta stick with While Guthix Sleeps. Best storyline from a quest, awesome rewards, hard but not stupidly MEP2 type hard.


The one that is the shortest. I don't like quests.



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Wgs, it was a masterpiece. Shows what Jagex is capable of.

Nothing else comes close, but I enjoyed Nomad because it was too damn hard.


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Romeo and Juliet before they got rid of it. That twist in the end was hilarious.

Just a little... easy. But good.

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I loved While Guthix Sleeps because of the epic storyline, and fantastic rewards, along with the amazing locations (Ancient Guthix Temple = <3)

I also really enjoyed The Chosen Commander, due to the real feeling of acomplishement when you saved the Cave Goblins from Bandos, and Glorious Memories, due to... well, I'm not really sure, I just enjoyed it.

Another good quest was Love Story, due to the laughs, and Blood Runs Deep, due to the combat-heavy storyline, as well as the tragic losses.

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I'm going to have to go with The Chosen Commander, of the Cave Goblin questline. I really like Zanik, and the concept of a tribe literally fighting off a god was awesome. Shortly behind is While Guthix Sleeps, A Soul's Bane, and Love Story.

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My favorite was actually Cabin Fever. I remember doing it the day it first came out. It was a lot of fun and I was sure they were going to make it into a minigame. Sure it was a little short, but I had a blast.

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Dream Mentor & Underground Pass.


Dream Mentor because it was the first quest I died on, I died with full dragon on when I was kind of a lower level & I went back with full rune right after and won. >.>


Underground Pass because it was rather difficult & long when I did it with around 35 Agility. xD

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Guest jrhairychest

Underground Pass because it was rather difficult & long when I did it with around 35 Agility. xD


I'll go with underground pass. Long quest and a fun adventure. Seemed to take an age to complete.

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Two quests I really remember enjoying for the humor were My Arm's Big Adventure and Rocking Out, and for story/atmosphere I have to go with Darkness of Hallowvale.


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