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Runescape Dinasty -vs- The Titans

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IRC: #RSD @ SwiftIRC


Clan Chat: RSDchat




Runescape Dinasty -vs- The Titans



Date: July 14th 2011

Rules: Uncapped



Runescape Dinasty: 153 Options (55 on ts)

Titans: 180 Options (60 on ts)







With a stale day out pking yesterday RSD'ians decided we wanted to go out pking again today. After wandering the wilderness we found The Titans clan massing. We waited until they massed and rushed them on their first world. The fight commenced on world 33 of runescape dot com. Both clans started out with a bang and were running at full force. Trading kills back and forth. After about 30mins we started gaining the mass's and reached 70 on ts and started putting on the pressure. The Titans managed to push back about 3 hours in but we set our feet firm and pushed right back twice as hard. During the last hour we followed TT's regroups and wrangled their snipers fairly easily. After 4 hours of fight The Titans decided to log and leave RSD victorious.




Runescape Dinasty:261 Immediate Options (90 on ts)

Titans: 0 Logged









Screenshots/Shout Outs

Milad for losing his rapier lmfao :wub:

Lil Blaknite for getting 25mil mage xp in 2011










Thanks for the AC Divine Forces


Good Fight The Titans, and Keep Active RSD. :thumbsup:


Keep it clean friends.

graycrown.gifFormer Eternal Honour Council -- Former Vengeance Council graycrown.gif

124ecdx.gifRunescape Dinasty Applicant Manager 124ecdx.gif


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Thanks for the fight TT, both clans had ups and downs during the fight, was a pleasure. Honestly the lag was the worst yet, only bad part about it really... Got ko'ed once or twice by my snipe unit because i would have these like 30second loading screens...



TT no longer have a snipe unit.. its MY snipe unit, cause they hate me but i <33 them :wub: :wub: Jay Z 523 and Co. :-w


Three parts fool, One part brave, Forever Atrocious

126 F2P/138 P2P

|~|Interested in joining RSD?|~|appmanagerco7.png|~|Questions/Concerns? PM Me|~|


~Elven Gaurd | Pat

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Well done. Props to TT for putting up a good fight despite being outnumbered.

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Top 2 clans of RS !


Good job both

Sigma NU

MOST Anticipated but still underrated

Silent Ember

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Congrats RSD :)

"It's not a rest for me, it's a rest for the weights." - Dom Mazzetti

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