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I tried the new dungeon. Got a keystone on the second kill, entered the boss room and died in 5 seconds.


I don't think I'm going to get these new crossbows unless they add new monsters where you actually need them. It looks like getting just one crossbow will take forever, and you need both of them because just one is useless (unless you use mainhand + shield).

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Well the longer it takes the better. Gives them a little time to make another boss/and or make something harder so that it doesn't stay OP for too long lol


I think they need to fix some of the older items... All they're doing at this time is introducing new weapons. It's filling up bank spaces pretty quickly etc

All_My_Love.png Bun_Dem.png


max.png 50.png

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Runar, found this, thought you might be sad that you can't have all this xp :P



and yes. just pulled it out of another progress blog. So yes. It's real.


It may be real but it's not current. The defenders don't look like that anymore.

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I tried momentum barraging Graardor with a staff. It worked quite well, I got 263 kc and ~200k magic xp in an hour. Not that I have any use for the magic xp...


Also got my third ancient coif from an elite clue :/

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Also got my third ancient coif from an elite clue :/


Mfw I read this as "third third-age coif".

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