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Aren't the Zammy Spirit Mages easier to kill :?

Saradomin mages are better because there's a werewolf that tanks their hits (visible in the screenshot). No need for protection prayer and you can log out mid-combat because the mages aren't attacking you.

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I decided to try Woox's pray flicking method. If you click the pray icon twice every game tick, you'll have your prayers on constantly but never lose any prayer points. It was easier than I expected, but I don't think I'm going to use it everywhere :P


Anyway, I got 79 slayer already! One more level for whip hunt :D




Some other level ups from the last few days. Not pictured: 96 range at Zamorak boss





I'm going to visit my family for a week starting this Friday. I'll see if I can get a whip before that. Unfortunately just 80 slayer isn't enough, I need to get a whip drop too :s

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Always loved following your blog. Your Old School content is awesome man. Keep up the good work. That 80 Slayer with a boost is going to get annoying really quick tho. :( Lol. Best of luck man!


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