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This should be enough gp for 50 construction. I'll do Enlightened Journey and get 40 firemaking to unlock the balloon from Taverley to Varrock first though.




About time I did this quest! Got quite a few levels and a green dhide body :)




Where are my ranger boots :(




(My cash is stored at Nightmare Zone, I didn't lose it :P )

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Looks like I don't have enough money to build a costume room after I get 50 construction. And 100k for a portal chamber? :o Law runes for the portals cost a fortune too...




I'll probably get the money for my house from slayer. I don't want to do any more HAM chests right now :P

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Some more quests. My main goal right now is 38 herblore. Unless RS starts lagging again, I'll probably attempt fire cape next week.




1-22 runecrafting :o Also got my first 60+ skill (magic) from the reward. Here's a little tip for other ironmen: if you need a mud rune, it takes less than 5 minutes to get one from Mage Training Arena.




Got a rune axe too, took me maybe 25 kills so not too bad.



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I can finally make prayer potions with greenman's ale!




Currently I'm collecting kebbit bolts. If there are no problems (like dcing) I'll attempt fire cape on Monday. I'm going to livestream that too. Too bad I forgot my mic in my apartment when I left -.-


Yesterday I tried to kill crazy archaeologist for a rune crossbow, but I dced and died. Luckily items stay on ground for 30 mins (or is it an hour now?) so I managed to get all my stuff back. I don't think I'm going back there any time soon :(

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I died at Jad in RS3 with 90 ranged and 80 def as well as 96 prayer. There's no way you can't do it lol. I used the wrong prayer :c

You haven't seen my pray flick skills ;)


TBH the biggest problem is my parents' crappy internet. I'm not sure if it's ISP-related or a hardware problem, but it disconnects quite often. It's pretty good when it works, but not nearly as fast as the internet in my apartment. Can't wait to get back there.


I was thinking of tethering with my smartphone, but for some reason the mobile network doesn't work inside the house very well:




I thought that my phone's internet is Australian tier, but apparently it's Moon tier. Imagine doing Jad on this :o

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Got to wave 43 on my first attempt and missed a pray flick. Damn lag :( You can see the video here. 1:01:15 if you just want to see me die




I'm really surprised that I got that far, I thought I'd disconnect and die much earlier. I'll try again later.

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Have you checked the age of your router and modem? Modems last a fair while but your ISP might have an updated one available for you. I call every now and then to ask if there's an updated version, and if there is, I just go to the nearest store and swap my old one out with a new one. If your router is 2+ years old it's probably time for a new one anyways.

All_My_Love.png Bun_Dem.png


max.png 50.png

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I don't think this picture needs any explanation :o




You can see my gear and stats here.


Here is a video too. Sorry for lack of sound again, had some technical problems. I really wanted to stream it but didn't have time to fix the programs :(

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