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DGS signature banner things needed.


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Hi. This is way passed due, but DGS needs some sort of small banners for signatures that we can use to link to our thread. Preferably these would be fairly simple. Anyone who wants to attempt it can do whatever they want, basically, but here are some things I think would be nice:


Each row denotes a different banner (don't try to fit all this stuff in one!):

- Inventory icons for Primal 2h, Celestial catalytic staff, and Hexhunter bow.

- Inventory icon for primal full helm.

- Inventory icon for kinship ring.

- Inventory icons for shadow silk hood, blood necklace, and primal battleaxe.

- Possibly something like 'Read the guidelines!'

- Picture of a soulgazer?


I personally prefer more conservative banners, but again, do whatever you want. I'd like to see a lot of ideas. Every banner needs to say either 'DGS' or 'Dungeonsweepers', obviously. Keep the banners small - something you can just throw into most signatures without breaking the limit.




To put it bluntly, [bleep] off.

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