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New Destiny vs The Phoenix Legions

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A few days ago I approached TPL for a fun P2P since our last one turned out amazingly. We agreed on the following rules.


- Matched Opts

- Plat arena

- 3 Rounds

- Single Spells only

- Summoning Off

- No gear limits


Round 1


Both clans had huge pulls, higher than expected. First round we attacked TPL from the west and went for the first piles we saw. One shot most of them until they had a weak main pile and they lost it from there.








Round 2


Second round TPL requested a full out, without us agreeing they rushed ahead and we continued to fight. We did decent, but lost to the number advantage. This pumped us up for murder in the third round.






Ending was 0 - 9 to them


Round 3


This round there was no looking but. We only had the terms 'man slaughter' in our minds. And that's exactly what we did, one shot all of them, tanked the fish out of ourselves till we could prove we're one of the best at P2P for our sized clans.








Thanks for the fight TPL. Good job ND - Keep it up.


Edit: Why doesn't centre align work :blink:

Team Flip Flops Retired - New Destiny Officer


Ex - Member of The Titans


Ex - FA Manager of Tempted Killers

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1st gj nd, thanks for the fight tpl :thumbup:




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