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Breaking Bad

nine naked men

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I really didn't think that season 5 was going to be that good. The end of season 4 was fantastic and often that spells a poor attempt at clinging onto the story but the two episodes of season 4 I've watched have been fantastic.



The scene where Gus is killed is an absolute masterpiece, the way the bell gives a dull ring as if it is connected to something and the look of Hector as he rings the bell. The whole scene is so intense, you keep thinking that there may be a chance for Gus to find out about the bomb beforehand. His death is so surreal, how he walks out and adjusts his tie and then the camera pans to the other side of his heavily-damaged face is just amazing.




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Ah [bleep]. Can't believe we have to wait a year now..They should've just called it season 6 instead of part two to season 5..

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RIP Michaelangelopolous

u can control my tip it account, but youll never control how fine i am!

This is by FAR my favorite song:


I love N_odie and would never edit his posts! I love Rainy_Day too <3 And also Cowman_133. <33 Oh, and Laikrob is a going to hunt me down and kill me like a pest kangaroo if I reveal how awesome she is. I owe tripsis skittles. DarkDude feels like he's missing out. This is my siggy! - n_odie Rainy_Day MINE! - n_odie Rainy_Day And meol shouldn't feel left out. Oh, and Y_Guy is a noob awesome


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